Integrated PDCflow Partner

Collect! Integrated Payment and Compliance Solutions Lets You:

Take Secure, PCI Compliant Credit Card Payments

Offering seamless integration with your Collect! account so your staff spends less time with data entry and more time collecting payments.

Take NACHA Compliant ACH Payments

With built in NACHA compliance for TEL, WEB, and PPD transaction types giving you and your collectors. peace of mind

Acquire eSignatures on all Recurring Payment Schedules

Keeping your Business Compliant with Regulation E, NACHA, and the EFTA while saving you time and money.

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Collect! Integrated Payments

PDCflow is pleased to have Collect! Credit + Debt Collection Software as a distinguished Integrated Partner offering integrated credit card payments, ACH payments and eSignature Solutions for Document Delivery and Payment Authorizations.

Both Collect! and PDCflow pride themselves on creating an uncomplicated user experience and flexible solutions so your business can spend less time training and more time collecting payments while scaling our services to your business needs.


We provide fast and personalized service to your questions about PDCflow and Collect! Integrated Payment and Compliance Solutions throughout the lifetime of your account
Our mission is to provide your business the Collect! Integrated payment and compliance solutions needed in order to improve and streamline your back office work flows while providing excellent customer support to help your team succeed.
Members of the PDCflow Customer Success and Support Team are available to assist your business in achieving its financial goals. We are available to answer your questions or concerns and to provide you and your employees personalized training.