Simple, efficient, friendly software to encourage payments and keep your business in compliance

Tools for the Collection Industry

Online Payments

Allow your consumers to self serve and make payments to you even when your office is closed. Create a Pay Here button on your website which redirects to a 100% Level 1 PCI Compliant payment page branded for your business.

Recovery Scoring

Give your Collectors the power to target consumers with the ability to pay saving time and money and increasing your successful collection rate.

Built in Compliance

Request and receive authorized signatures to satisfy Regulation E on Recurring Payment Schedules while your collectors have the consumer on the phone.  A copy of the recurring payment schedule goes out automatically to the consumer to review.

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eSignature Audit Report

Dual Authentication Date/Time Stamp
collection payments
eSignature and Geo Location
collection industry payment processing
Recurring Payment Schedule Details
collection payments

Compliant Online Payment Center

Customizable Mini Miranda on all pages of your online payment center and on all payment receipts.

Collection Automation

Automatic payment reminders on all recurring schedules. Instant notice to your business and the consumer on all successful and failed payments.

IVR Ready

Collect more payments with IVR and stay in compliance with automatic call recording with all Interactive Voice Response payments.

collection industry payment processing
Give your collectors the tools to quickly and easily focus on the accounts with the highest potential for success and then take the payment in a compliant manner in a matter of minutes.
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • ACH Processing
  • Free eSignature & Document Delivery
  • Free Online Payment Portal
  • Recurring Payments
  • Recovery Scoring Available
  • IVR Payment Processing Available

*Merchant Service Provider fees charged separately

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collection payments
collection industry payment processing
collections payment services

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