Three Reasons to go Paperless with your Signature Authorizations and Payment Collection


Proposing major changes in business workflow is a scary prospect. But continuing with the status quo isn’t justification for keeping policies that are bad for daily operations. Switching to a digital signature service allows you to obtain consumer payments and signatures simultaneously. And, it can yield huge benefits to your bottom line while cutting down on your daily workload. Here are three of the many reasons you should make the switch to paperless document delivery for signature authorizations and payment collection today.


1. No More Filing

Using an esignature service means that signatures will be stored digitally, cutting down on the need for paper documents. All of your important signatures will be available online anytime you need them. With a digital signature service that is tied to your payment processing, signatures are filed along with payment information, making them easy to locate for proof of consumer authorization purposes. This is great for referencing customer information, or verifying proofs of authorization in order to fight chargebacks  and adhere to regulations, such as the electronic funds transfer act and regulation e.

2. Less Cost for Materials

If you’re still mailing out your payment authorization documents to be signed, you’re spending money on envelopes, paper, printing and stamps. The cost of these materials adds up! It climbs even higher with every inaccurate address or unreturned signature. An advantage to signing up for an esignature service is saving money on all these supplies.

Electronic signature services tied to an electronic payment can send a signature to be authorized while a customer is on the phone with your collector. This ensures that the request has been received, and it increases the likelihood of an immediate payment being authorized. Bonus: no more stuffing envelopes!

3. Save Time, Make Money

Waiting for a signature by mail or fax ties up payments that could be authenticated by the consumer digitally in mere minutes. Using an eSignature tool to collect a consumer’s signature and payment makes signing documents and paying you easier. This convenience will create a more satisfied customer for your business, boost the number of signatures and payments you receive and speed up your workflow. In short, you’ll get more money in less time. Who wouldn’t like that?

So, why wait for signatures and payments by mail when you can sign up for a digital signature service? Save yourself and your customers time, money and effort. And hey, you’ll avoid some paper cuts too!  

PDCflow offers FLOW + Payments, an integrated solution, that allows any business who needs to take a payment and get a document signed, the ability to accomplish this in a couple of clicks.

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Hannah Huerta - PDCflow Marketing Specialist
Hannah Huerta, Marketing Specialist

Hannah Huerta is a Marketing Specialist at PDCflow. She creates content for the accounts receivable and payment industry.

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