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End late payments with Flow Billing. Capture, validate, and store customer payment details when you onboard a new customer.
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Flow Billing - Billing Software


Don’t chase down payments. Capture payment details and you’re done. Flow Billing automatically takes payments when they’re due.

Automated Payments

Capture payment details during onboarding when customers are easiest to reach. Validate and store payment information and Flow Billing will automatically take your payments once they’re due.

Quick Set Up

No need to change your existing CRM or accounting system. Gain peace of mind that you have a verified payment method on file if needed. Staff doesn’t have to change accounting workflows.

Customer Payment Management

View all customer balances and manage payments within your Flow Billing account.

Cost Effective

Unlimited users can be added to the account. One low flat monthly fee. Only pay for successfully collected payments.

Flexible Payment Options

Give your customers two ways to pay. Get paid through PayPal, credit, or debit. Process credit card payments through traditional or Zero Cost Processing merchant accounts.
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    Stop Chasing Down Payments
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    Get Paid On Time
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    Reduce Manual Work
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    Remove Risk of Nonpayment

How Flow Billing works

Flow Billing is an easy-to-use automated payment software designed to end late and missed payments.

Our software sends a payment method request to customers and verifies payment details before work is done. Once they’re invoiced through your system of record, the payment is automatically run on its scheduled date.

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Add Customers

Add new customer information fast or upload a file to get multiple clients added quickly.

Gather Payment Details

Flow Billing automatically sends new customers a payment method request BEFORE you deliver the work.

Get Paid On Time

Securely store payment details. Payments are automatically processed when due – no manual work required.


Remove the worry of nonpayment. Automate payment collection when you onboard your customers.

Dustin Butcher
Creative Director
"The amount of time that it takes me to chase down an overdue payment over and over and over is NOT a good use of my time."

Reduce manual work.

Don’t spend time chasing down payments. Customers agree to have payments run automatically after work is done.

Speed up your cash flow.

Replace manual work with automation and templated workflows. Add customers. Gather payment details. Get paid.
Flow Billing - Billing Software
Flow Billing - Billing Software

No transaction costs
until you get paid.

Use your current merchant service provider or sign up with one of PDCflow's merchant partners. Unlimited users. Unlimited email sends.

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