Give your customers easy self pay options while reducing payment and invoice costs

Accept Payments Anywhere & Anytime

Free Branded Online Payment Center

Offering your customers the convenience of online payments equals faster payments and great customer service. Add a convenience fee to reduce the cost of merchant processing.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payments

Allow self serve phone payments for those customers who don’t have access to technology or are not tech savvy. Take simple premium payments via IVR and free up your customer service representatives to answer important inquiries.

Recurring Payments

Make it easy and convenient for you and your customers with recurring payment schedules. Flexible scheduling by months, weeks, or even days.

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Focus on Improving Customer Satisfaction

with the right combination of self serve payment options, payment automation, and built in compliance

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Take all major card brands including American Express and accept ACH or eCheck and provide payment flexibility to your customers.

Provide Payment Security

PDCflow is PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant using Secure Entry Overlay in order to keep your customer’s payment data and your business safe.

Mobile Optimized Payments

Give your customers the ability to make payments, review an invoice, and even sign a payment agreement anytime & anywhere.

Send Electronic Invoices

Email or text an eBill or policy to your customer and request payment, no need to redirect to an online payment center, making it simple to click and pay.

Get a eSignature in minutes

Obtain a legal wet signature on any document and collect the payment in one fast communication with your customer.

Swipe Cards for In Office Customers

Reduce your costs with card present transactions while offering your customers a secure, PCI Compliant card payment option.

Increase the Speed and Efficiency of your Customer Interactions

Send a Document, Request a Signature, and Take a Payment all in one easy transaction
insurance payment processing
insurance payment processing
Send the payment information to your customer for easy one click payment processing and attach the invoice as a pdf for review.
insurance payment processing
Make it easy for your clients to make payments to your office with Online Payments, IVR Payment Processing, and Recurring Payment Schedules.  Send a document, get a wet signature, and a payment all in one easy transaction within minutes.
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Payment Authorizations
  • ACH Processing
  • Free eSignature & Document Delivery
  • Free Online Payment Portal
  • Recurring Payments
  • IVR Payment Processing Available

Customize Payment Options and Requests

Request a Credit Card or ACH payment or request picture ID with a Signed Document. With customizable templates you can set up any type of request or payment flow.

Reduce Payment Processing Costs

PDCflow offers a flexible fee structure so you can collect convenience fees on the transactions of your choice.

Review Robust and Customizable Reporting

Pull reports by Payment Type or Origin, segment by cashier, department or location. Quickly see what payment option is bringing in the best cash flow.

Need Payments Integrated with your Accounts Managment Software?

We have several integration options that will update your accounts automatically while securely processing all credit cards via PDCflow and drastically reduce your PCI-DSS Scope. From our simple EZ Pay Form to a tight API Integration:

Integration Solutions

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