PDCflow automatically satisfies NACHA compliance requirements

[Comparison Chart] NACHA Compliance Requirements

Partnering with a payment platform that does more than just take a payment is necessary in today’s competitive accounts receivables industry.  Businesses need to partner with a payment processing platform that goes beyond just taking the payment, and can lighten your staff’s work load with built in compliance.

PDCflow is a platform that focuses on creating a user friendly and uncomplicated consumer experience that encourages and increases inbound payments, but also reduces the time and energy spent by your staff following compliance regulations.

In the comparison chart you will see the full list of NACHA Compliance Requirements and how the PDCflow Platform fulfills these for these transactions types:

TEL – One-time and Recurring payments taken over the telephone

WEB – One-time and Recurring payments accepted via a Website

PPD – Post Dated Checks and Recurring Payments

Download the Compliance Comparison Chart to learn more.

Download NACHA Compliance Comparison Sheet