Increase your cash flow while decreasing your work flow.

Make it easy

For your customers to quickly sign and send back to you

Send the document or payment request to their mobile device or email for quick on the go transactions.

For your employees to send the document or signature request

Quickly set up templates for documents that will be used frequently so your employees can send the document in seconds.

To Take a Payment and get it authorized

Send an invoice, request a payment, and get it signed all in one easy transaction.

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Payment Authorizations

For your One Time Payments

Get a Signature/Authorization on any one time payment for both Credit Card and ACH transaction to help reduce fraud and chargeback risk.

For Your Recurring Payments

Send a copy of the payment schedule along with Terms and Conditions and obtain a signed authorization directly on the payment schedule.

Stay Compliant

Remain in Compliance with NACHA regulations, Regulation E, and the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

Legally Binding Signature

PDCflow’s patent pending technology is a legally binding “wet” signature. It is the same as pen on paper, but without the need to wait for the payment authorization to come back in the mail.


payment authorization
  • Take a Promised Payment to an Actual Payment Fast

    Your employees can send and receive an instant signature on a payment or payment arrangement while they have your consumer on the phone.

  • Simple Work flow

    Integrated Payment and eSignature Solution equals less time and work for your employees. One integrated platform does it all. If you are getting a consumer to agree to a payment with a signature, why not have it all connected?

  • All Reporting at your Fingertips

    Efficiently access payment reporting and payment authorizations from one central reporting platform.

payment authorizations
payment authorizations

Powerful Audit Report

Not only does PDCflow capture a wet signature, but also proves payment authorizations with these features:

  • Dual Authentication
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Logs Email and Mobile Phone #
  • Displays payment authorization language
  • Geo-location information of where signature was completed

“PDCflow Signature. Really helpful tool for the Collections Industry.  Prevents Chargebacks and keeps Consumers Honest.”

Jim Henry, COO at ORS Associates