Who Is PDCflow? Meet Jacob Smith

Who Is PDCflow? Meet Jacob Smith

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Every employee at PDCflow is willing to tackle tasks that may not typically land within their job description. After all, that’s what being a team is all about. But today’s interview highlights someone with perhaps the most unique position in the company. He does so much more than his job title implies. Who is PDCflow? Meet Research Analyst (and resident spreadsheet expert) Jacob Smith!

  1. How has PDCflow helped you in your career development?

Working at PDC has given me a lot of perspective. I was initially hired as an intern to do some patent research in part because of my German language abilities. After that, I got hired as a part-time employee.

Working with our COO Matthew Snedden, I have taken on various projects helping with research, software testing, sales, and customer success. The company is small enough that I have been able to see all these different parts of the company working together and I have learned a lot from that.

  1. What has been your favorite experience at PDCflow?

I have enjoyed doing a variety of things in the company. My job title is technically Research Analyst, but over my time here I’ve been coming up with a list of the different roles that I’ve filled, including nicknames/imaginary titles that I’ve been given by my coworkers or sometimes by myself – really, I have a list of them by my desk.

A few of my favorites are ‘Spreadsheet Master,’ ‘Miracle Worker’ and ‘Teapot Manager’ – I got that last one because I decided to bring in some vinegar and make our break room teapot a little shinier. A lot of what I do is help make my coworkers’ jobs easier and save them time, and I like seeing the positive impact that can have.

      Who Is PDCflow? Meet Jacob Smith
      1. What is on your wish list for the future with PDCflow?

      Eventually, I hope to work with the development team. I am studying Computer Science at Weber State University here in Ogden, and I would like a chance to try programming in a professional setting.

      1.  What is your proudest moment at PDCflow?

      Whenever I am able to save someone time or do something that helps the workflow more smoothly/effectively I feel like that is something to be proud of. In particular, I have been able to help some of my coworkers on the customer success team organize data using spreadsheet formulas. I have a lot of fun doing that and it’s satisfying to see the relief and excitement on someone’s face when they realize that something doesn’t have to be as tedious as they thought.

      1. What do you enjoy most about living along the Wasatch Front?

      I love our mountains here! I can be at a trailhead from my house in less than 15 minutes, and there are some beautiful views from the mountainside. Once I even got to watch a meteor shower up there. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and camping in them, or even just looking up at them from the valley.

      1. What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?

      I do a lot of reading and yoga, and I enjoy mountain biking and rock climbing when I get the chance. For the last three semesters, I have also been part of a jazz combo that performs occasionally at Union Station, our historical train station here in Ogden. During the semester I sometimes have my saxophone with me by my desk because I don’t like leaving it in my car when it’s cold or hot outside.

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