Who is PDCflow? Meet Jeremy Fong

Who is PDCflow? Meet Jeremy Fong

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At PDCflow, we understand that a great team is made up of great individuals. In the past, we’ve worked hard to highlight what we have accomplished together, and now it’s time to introduce the people behind our successes. Throughout this series, you’ll get to know many members of the team, starting with Customer Relationship Specialist Jeremy Fong.

  1. How has PDCflow helped you in your career development?

This was my first experience in the payment industry when taking a job at PDCflow. I spent the previous 8 years of my career managing sales teams in other industries. For the past 3 years at PDCflow, I have enjoyed my non-stop education roller coaster ride in the ever changing ways companies are required to adapt to regulatory and compliance statutes.  It’s helped me develop my skills to be able to become a subject matter expert in payments and the software solutions we offer.

  1. What has been your favorite experience at PDCflow?

Not sure I’m able to pick a favorite experience, but I can say that meeting with clients face-to-face brings me the great joy and job satisfaction! We work behind computers all day answering phone calls and writing emails, and being able to get out of the office to attend trade shows and visit clients at their offices makes it possible to fully connect with those who keep us in business. I really enjoy the friendships I’ve developed with our clients, and appreciate their loyalty to us. 

      Who is PDCflow? Meet Jeremy Fong
      1. What is on your wish list for the next 2 years with PDCflow?

      PDCflow is making serious headway in our newly released user interface for our clients to work out of. It was designed to increase our clients’ productivity, to provide them with the customization they need to grow their businesses and use our tools the way they see fit.  

      Who is PDCflow? Meet Jeremy Fong

        We have some really revolutionary development going on that deals with sending out batch invoices to consumers to collect payments in a fraction of the time. You’ll want to stay tuned for our many new releases coming in 2018! 

        1.  If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

        Many of my family members living in Hawaii experienced the Pearl Harbor attack first hand, on Dec 7, 1941. My grandpa and grandma were some of them. The stories they tell of that day are so solemn. I would have loved to have been on board the USS Missouri when the formal surrender documents were signed, almost 4 years later, ending WW2.  What a momentous occasion that would have been to have so many countries represented and aboard this battleship while putting an end to such a bloody war.  I have toured the USS Missouri, and I am fascinated by the history of it.

        1. What do you enjoy most about living along the Wasatch Front?

        Utah provides a pretty amazing landscape and atmosphere that is diverse and unique. We get all 4 seasons here, which means I could build a snowman in the morning with my family, then be on the lake kayaking with them in the afternoon. I love how our vast mountain ranges provides us unlimited options to do fun activities all year round, and they’re just minutes away from my home.

        1. What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?

        My family and I love to spend time at our cabin at Bear Lake, located in Garden City, Utah. We enjoy boating, skiing, kayaking, tubing, fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and pretty much anything to do with the water and the beach. When we’re not having fun in the sun, I coach my kids in sports, and stay busy serving in my community.

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