Who is PDCflow? Meet Rich Wilder

Who is PDCflow? Meet Rich Wilder

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So far in our ongoing employee spotlight series, we’ve talked to our developers, IT professionals, sales representatives and customer success employees.

Today, we’re highlighting a member of our leadership team that helps all of these departments work together to develop great software and serve clients. Who is PDCflow? Meet our new Director of Sales and Marketing, Rich Wilder.

  1. How has PDCflow helped you in your career development?

PDCflow has afforded me the opportunity to be an integral part of a growing innovative organization. It has pushed me outside my comfort zones with some of our innovation and given me the latitude to bring in my own experience and ideas. It is exciting to be a part of something that is in the space we are in and have the team we have.

  1. What has been your favorite experience at PDCflow?

My favorite experience has been getting to know the people. Both clients and staff. We have an awesome, talented, engaged team at PDCflow and that enthusiasm flows over to our clients. Couple that with the ability we have to actually affect change for our clients and it is exciting to be a part of that growth.

      Who is PDCflow? Meet Rich WilderWho is PDCflow? Meet Rich Wilder
      1. What is on your wish list for the future with PDCflow?

      I wish everyone could be exposed to the capabilities of PDCflow and see us as a true software solution. We can do amazing things for an organization – from a workflow perspective – that can save money, time, and create bandwidth to focus on growing your business.

      I would like to have PDCflow become an unsung hero of an organization. Helping companies do their day to day tasks without realizing we are doing the heavy lifting.

      1.  What is your proudest moment at PDCflow?

      So far, it has been hitting some of the KPI's we established early on in my joining PDCflow. They were maybe set a bit out of the blue, but being able to achieve them and seeing us tracking toward the future has been very exciting.

      1. What do you enjoy most about living along the Wasatch Front?

      The Wasatch Front is awesome!  Where else can you ski and golf in the same day? Or jump on a mountain bike in your driveway and be a couple miles from amazing mountain trails? It is beautiful here and a great place for my wife and I to raise our family. Even if she discourages me golfing and skiing in the same day.

      1. What tv show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

      Top Gun! I love that movie. I joined the US Navy because of that movie and I watch it every couple of months. "Talk to me Goose."

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