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Save Time & Money

Request and receive a Signature in minutes

Obtain a legal “wet” signature to satisfy EFTA and Regulation E Compliance to keep your business compliant.

Free eSignature Solution

No set up fee or usage fee when using PDCflow’s Credit Card or ACH Services.

Take a Payment today

No need for a stamp or to wait for an authorization to come back in the mail.

Legal "Wet" Signature

Satisfies Regulation E Compliance and NACHA “wet” signature regulations electronically in minutes.


Create unlimited Templates with Authorization Language for every payment scenario.

Integrated with Payments

Proof of Signature and Audit Report are saved and stored with the payment for easy retrieval.

Regulation E Compliance
Regulation E Compliance

Powerful Audit Report

Uniquely identifies each consumer to ensure identification with dual authentication and geo location.

Avoid Violations

The cost of litigation and fines is substantial. Stay in compliance using PDCflow’s digital solution.

Save Time & Money

Authorization to communicate via email and text, saves you cost of direct mail and the waiting time.

free esignature solution

Flexible compliance solution

Signature stored with Payment record

Easy transaction and signature reporting makes authorization retrieval fast.

Includes Audit Report

Dual Authentication and Geo Location proves identity and authorization.

Choose your time frame

Give your customers minutes, days, or weeks to sign your authorization form.

Choose your method of delivery

Send your signature request to a mobile phone number, an email, or both.

“With Signature Services, customers have complete confidence in making a payment with us, seeing that we are getting the authorization and following regulations.  This had helped us collect more payments.”

-ADR Group

A necessary tool!” Straightforward, easy to use, even for the least sophisticated consumer.”

-Delores Bowers, VP at B & B Financial Services, Inc.

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