Why we created this guide

The CFPB has shifted its focus from rulemaking to a period of monitoring business activities and enforcing rules and regulations whenever necessary.

Managing your compliance through a set of formal policies and procedures is essential – and can help protect you if your business becomes the subject of scrutiny from the Bureau and other regulatory bodies.

Who it's for

Do you want to create a new set of policies and procedures for your organization that is in line with CFPB recommendations? Are you an ARM professional with a current, outdated Compliance Management System (CMS)?

This guide will help AR professionals, business owners and compliance managers understand what a CMS should include – and why.

What you will take away

  • Understand the key components of a compliance management program.
  • The importance of collecting, addressing and tracking consumer complaints as part of your compliance management system.
  • Sample procedures and work instructions to get you started.

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    Compliance Management System Guide
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