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With PDCflow and our patented FLOW Technology, your business can:

  • Use digital communications securely
  • Send and store contracts
  • Request customer signatures
  • Accept payments
  • Request customer IDs and other images
  • Handle PCI compliant payments
  • Set up and manage recurring payments
  • Handle receipts and other consumer deliverables
  • Access reporting records for all transactions

...all in one place.

See for yourself how to send a FLOW! Fill out the form to schedule a free demo or give us a call at 877-732-4814.

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"What I was most concerned with is how hard is it for our agents to use? How hard is it for our management team to set it up? And once the consumer gets the information, how hard is it to process the payment?
And as of right now with FLOW, the check mark is in the easy box on all three of those. It’s easy for us to set it up, it is easy for us to send it out to the consumer, and it’s very easy for the consumer to make a payment.”
Cameron Karim, President & COO, Assistentcy