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PDCflow is a complete Payment Hub that is simple, quick and secure, so you can collect payments faster. The application allows multi-channel payments with integrated, compliant payment authorizations – all from one central platform.

PDCflow specializes in the debt collection industry with 15 years experience in onboarding and supporting debt collection payments and compliance needs.

Credit Card Payment Processing: A Guide for Merchants – This comprehensive guide gives a brief history of credit card processing, informs you on how a card is processed and provides information on compliance, security and rates/fees.

Credit Card Payment Processing Guide

Case Study: Titan Revenue Solutions | IVR Bill Payment – – A third party collection agency implements PDCflow’s IVR Payment Solution to streamline the payment process and reduce overhead costs.

Case Study: IVR Bill Payment

Tip Sheet: Chargeback Prevention –Chargebacks can be a problem for many industries. High-risk business like collections agencies may especially struggle with chargebacks due to friendly or criminal fraud. But there are some best practices that can be put in place to help prevent a chargeback no matter what business you run.

Tip Sheet: Chargeback Prevention