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PDCflow is a robust payment hub that empowers you to send electronic documents and payment forms securely. Collect payments faster and keep your data safe.

PDCflow specializes in the debt collection industry with 15 years experience in onboarding and supporting debt collection payments and compliance needs.

  • Learn more about PDCflow software for the Collections Industry

    Debt Collection
  • Less stress and more payments. Learn how PDCflow software keeps you Regulation E compliant, so you can collect payments faster.

    Regulation E Compliance

6 Main Goals of PCI Compliance: What is PCI Compliance? What are the different levels of PCI Compliance?

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Call Blocking and Right Party Contact in Debt Collection: Spam tagging and call blocking are causing a huge problem in debt collections. Learn about phone reputation and how to combat mislabeling for your agency.

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Credit Card Payment Processing: A Guide for Merchants: A brief history of credit card processing, how a credit card is processed and what merchants need to know about compliance, fees and security.

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