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Customizable online payment portals that make it easy for your customers to pay.
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    PDCflow Payment Portals

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    Provide easy, secure self-managed payment options

    Offer a convenient online payment portal

    Accept self-serve payments via credit card, debit card, HSA card and eChecks (ACH). Mobile and desktop optimization makes it easy to pay on any device. No usernames or passwords required.

    Let customers create their own payment schedules based on your terms. Allow start dates and amounts that work for them.

    Customize with admin controls

    Customers feel secure knowing they are making a payment to the right business. Brand your online payment portals to your corporate identity. Customize each portal for specific locations and departments.

    Decide what balance amounts can have the options of pay-in-full, pay in four equal payments or a minimum payment for recurring payment schedules.

    Deliver payment portals digitally

    Send payment portals to customers via email or SMS with PDCflow’s Flow Technology. Print QR codes on statements. Direct customers to pay through your web chat or chatbot tool.

    Keep consumer data secure

    PDCflow online payment portals are HIPAA, SOC 2, and PCI Compliant to ensure all your customer data is private and secure. Customers enter their own payment information and pay you in just a few clicks – simple, fast and secure.

    Organize your payments

    Manage many merchant accounts with PDCflow's organizational hierarchy. Separate transactions by groups, departments, and locations. Control access for your staff members.

    Select merchant account type

    Sign up with one of PDCflow's merchant partners. Process credit card payments through traditional or Zero Cost Processing merchant accounts.

    Take payments through multiple channels

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      In person
    • Image
      Over the phone
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      Via online payment portals
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      With recurring payment schedules
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      Through email and text with a custom Flow request
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      Securely through web chat with Flow Technology
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    Completed Payments Through Flow

    Our patented Flow Technology gets results

    Send documents and payment portals in one seamless workflow.

    No login requirements.
    No paperwork to keep track of.
    No long access code to enter.

    Consumers review invoices or billing statements and enter their own payment data in just a few clicks.

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