Case Studies

EastCoast Entertainment

“One of the reasons we decided on going with PDCflow was due to your reporting features. The fact that the software gives each of our agents the ability to submit their own payments, have their own logins and allows everyone to view their own payments.”
Joe Nelson
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Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

“Internally, my team loves PDCflow because it was two separate processes before. We were chasing a lot of things. That was highly inefficient.”
Amanda Lockwood
Client Partner Manager
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Corporate Direct Inc. and Sutton Law Center

“The customer service has been awesome. I would say that's definitely number one. And then on the payment side of things – the payment portals, the security, and the ease of use on the technical side.”
Melissa Matheson
Information Systems Manager
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Bayview Solutions LLC

“The best in the business. We needed to mitigate our chargebacks. Signature capture with Flow Technology added another layer of security.”
Robert Thompson
Compliance Officer
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Assistentcy LLC

“When we started using Flow, if a consumer or patient said they wanted to pay with a credit card, but didn’t have the information readily available or didn’t have the time because they were at work, my team makes the offer of emailing or texting them that payment link. And the thing that we noticed over the year was that our credit card receipts almost doubled.”
Cameron Karim
President & Director of Operations
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Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

“The sheer convenience of offering web payments to our patients has helped to increase our collection efforts.”
Judy Conti
Patient Account Manager
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Recovery Management Solutions LLC

“We want to make sure we’re following Regulation E as best we can, and we want to make sure consumers are aware of what payments are going to be debited from their account. We will not process any payments from a consumer unless they first sign with an esignature.”
Liz Colwell
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