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Flexible, customizable APIs for easy integration. Give your users the ability to request and accept payments, esignatures, documents, and photo uploads through multiple channels.
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Law Offices can streamline billing and payments with PDCflow software
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    HIPAA Compliant
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    UPTIME Achieved
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    SOC 2 Compliant
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    LEVEL 1 Compliant


Use one partner to send and receive documents, esignatures, and payments through email and SMS.

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    Send Documents
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    Send Payment Requests
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    Gather Legally Binding Signatures
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    Request Photo Uploads

Create flexible, streamlined workflows

Keep processes consistent and meet organization-specific business requirements with team-wide custom Flow smart requests that can be used again and again.

Meet compliance requirements

Accept ACH and credit card payments within customized web portals or personalized consumer payment workflows via secure email and text. Avoid the time and expense of taking on Nacha and PCI compliance by partnering with PDCflow.

Expand revenue streams

Add additional revenue streams for every payment processed and digital communication request sent. Flexible partner opportunities are available based on your business needs.

Payment encryption and tokenization

Use PDCflow to fulfill your platform's ACH and credit card payment processing security needs.

Improve customer experience

End friction points for your platform users and their customers. Send payment portals directly to consumers through email and SMS.

Boost your competitive advantage

Unlock secure email and text channels so your clients can request and capture documents, esignatures, photos, and payments all in one preconfigured workflow.

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  • Create Custom Workflows
  • Accept multiple payment methods
  • Allow flexible time frames
  • Pull a detailed audit report

Create a one step workflow

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    Eliminate the need for multiple softwares to send a contract or invoice, capture a signature, and collect a payment.
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    Reduce time and money spent on follow up for incomplete customer transactions. 
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    Speed up business processes and cash flow. Don’t wait for the check to come in the mail.
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    Increase office efficiency with custom templates.
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Flow + Payments


  • Recurring Payments
  • E-Signature
  • E-Bill Presentment & Payment

API integrations

Monetize payments, esignatures, document delivery requests and grow your platform revenue.

  • Embed payments on your platform
  • Increase your software revenue
  • Develop customer solutions with PDCflow
  • Receive dedicated integration support from PDCflow developers

Flexible options

Configurable merchant options for partners and their users.

  • Use existing merchant accounts
  • Sign up with a PDCflow merchant partner for both ACH and card transactions
  • Process credit cards through traditional merchant accounts
  • Process credit cards with zero cost to merchant accounts

Integrate fast and easy with our open APIs

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Set up better business workflows

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