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Streamline contracts and payments with email and text requests. Manage payments through IOLTA compliant accounts.
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Law Offices can streamline billing and payments with PDCflow software
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    HIPAA Compliant
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    UPTIME Achieved
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    SOC 2 Compliant
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    LEVEL 1 Compliant


Improved client experience through email and SMS contracts and payments. One platform for documents, esignatures, and payments.

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    Send Documents
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    Send Payment Requests
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    Gather Legally Binding Signatures
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    Request Photo Uploads

Simplify contracts and payments

One platform for payments, document delivery, and esignatures.

Monitor contract and payment status through each stage.

Use Insights Reports to track and sort payment information by the data that matters to your office.

Set up unlimited users and templates

Set up as many user logins as you need at no additional cost.

Create unlimited message templates that can contain payment forms, documents, esignatures and photo uploads.

Make self-pay easier

Make it easy for clients to pay – no typing in a long URL and no username or password to remember.

Send a client their contract and payment request through secure email or SMS.

Streamline recurring payments

Set up recurring payments or process future payments with ease.

Send payment schedules by email or SMS request for review and authorization.

Or, enable clients to set up their own schedules online.

Track email and SMS requests

Know with certainty if an email or text was received and opened, and monitor each step of the process with event tracking.

Pull documented audit reports when needed.

Set up IOLTA compliant accounts

Set up multiple trust and operating accounts for your law practice.

Keep funds separate to ensure compliance with attorney account rules.


Set up workflows based on your contract and payment needs.

  • Create Custom Workflows
  • Accept multiple payment methods
  • Allow flexible time frames
  • Pull a detailed audit report

Create a one step workflow

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    Eliminate the need for multiple softwares to send a contract or invoice, capture a signature, and collect a payment.
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    Reduce time and money spent on follow up for incomplete customer transactions. 
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    Speed up business processes and cash flow. Don’t wait for the check to come in the mail.
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    Increase office efficiency with custom templates.
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Flow + Payments
  • Create custom workflows
  • Set up omnichannel payments
  • Create a better client experience
  • Access detailed reporting
  • Understand your payment data

Set up the options you need

  • Send by email, text message, or both.
  • Include contracts and billing statements for clients to review.
  • Request signatures on documents and payment plans.
  • Allow consumers to upload images, such as photo IDs.
  • Enable self-serve recurring payment setup for larger balances.
Create custom workflows

Make it easy for clients to pay

  • Take credit, debit, and ACH payments.
  • Accept payments online, over the phone or through web chat and mobile devices.
  • Set up recurring payment schedules and enable self-serve payment options by balance owed: pay-in-full, pay-in-4, or payments of a minimum amount.
  • Add custom QR codes on letters. Clients only need to scan, click, and pay.
  • Send contracts for review with a payment form through email and SMS.
Set up omnichannel payments

Provide flexibility and convenience with Flow requests

  • Send contracts for review while your staff has a client on the phone. They can answer questions in real time.
  • Not a convenient time to pay? Send a Flow smart request and allow flexible time frames for completion.
  • Give clients minutes, hours or days to review a contract and complete payments or payment arrangements.
Create a better client experience

Pull audit reports and track the progress of Flow requests

  • A detailed audit report is available for clients and staff to download or email a copy to themselves upon completion of each Flow request.
  • Report includes: Dual authentication, date/time stamp, method of delivery (email address and/or cell phone number) and a legal wet signature.
  • Retrieve at any time. Audit reports are stored for seven years.
  • Track the progress on all Flow requests. Know when a request was received, opened, completed or disputed.
  • Set up and track transactions by department, location, group or client. Set up multiple trust and operating accounts based on your firm’s needs.
Access detailed reporting

Track payment performance

  • View payments and Flow totals in one place. Read consolidated reporting with daily, monthly, or yearly totals on a single report.
  • Simplify end-of-the-month number-crunching. Teams now have better visibility over their account activity, including payments and Flows.
  • Spot trends and anomalies in payments by monitoring transaction totals over time.
  • Filter Flow totals by employee or origin so management can learn more about Flow Technology usage and monitor success rates.
Understand your payment data

A fully customizable and comprehensive billing solution for your business. Call 1.877.732.4814


One system for all your digital payment, esignature, document,
and photo workflows

  • Recurring Payments
  • E-Signature
  • E-Bill Presentment & Payment


See how PDCflow can work for your business


Bayview Solutions

PDCflow's FLOW Technology gave Bayview Solutions the ability to get written consent on payments in minutes and reduced chargebacks.
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Bayview Solutions

PDCflow's FLOW Technology gave Bayview Solutions the ability to get written consent on payments in minutes and reduced chargebacks.
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Corporate Direct Inc Sutton Law Center

Optimized staff workflows, integrated payment management, and customized payment portals.

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Bayview Solutions LLC

Reduced chargeback risk and increased card not present payment consent.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

“The big advantage to the payment side of PDCflow is the ability for our representatives to track payments. What we were using before did not have an interface where all of the reps could sign in and see who had paid. So all of the payment notifications were going to our bookkeeper by email.

She was having to find out whose client it was and forward off these payment notifications so that the reps would know that they needed to move forward on their work.”

Melissa Matheson
Information Systems Manager, Sutton Law Center
4.6 (56+) Capterra Reviews
4.6 (50+) G2 Reviews

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