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Take secure, encrypted, and tokenized ACH payments online, by email, by text, and through web chat.
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    PDCflow Flow Technology

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    Accept ACH payments and create a better consumer experience

    Build trust with customers

    Keep your ACH payments as secure as your credit card transactions. Bank account information is encrypted, tokenized, and stored in a secure PDCflow vault. Never worry about data breaches with HIPAA and Nacha compliance.

    Increase customer engagement

    Send payment portals to consumers with Flow Technology. Reduce risk and keep payment data private. Consumers enter all bank account information.

    Watch each step of the process with Flow event tracking to know when an ACH payment request was received, opened, and completed.

    Automate recurring payments

    Collect bank account data once and automate future payments with PDCflow's payment schedules. Offer employee-assisted or self-serve recurring schedules based on the terms you set up.

    Send a Flow request to get an esignature authorization on schedules and meet Nacha and Regulation E compliance.

    Offer more payment options

    Open your business to a wider range of customers. Give people the choice to pay the way they want.

    Send bank-to-bank ACH payments

    Make paying vendors, subcontractors, and clients easy.

    Save money with ACH processing

    ACH processing can offer lower payment processing fees compared to credit card and paper check processing.

    Process ACH payments through multiple channels

    • Image
      In person
    • Image
      Over the phone
    • Image
      Via digital payment portals
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      With recurring payment schedules
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      Via email and text with a custom Flow request
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      Securely through web chat with a Flow request
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    Completed Payments Through Flow

    Our patented Flow Technology gets results

    Send documents and payment portals in one seamless workflow.

    No login requirements.
    No paperwork to keep track of.
    No long access code to enter.

    Consumers review the sent document, enter their own bank account data, and send a completed payment back to you in just a few clicks.

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