SMS Integration

SMS API Integration

Offer a more complete software with communication services to customers. Comprehensive, white-labeled SMS solutions for integrators.
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    PDCflow SMS API Integration

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    Send and receive text messages with SMS API integration

    Companies use their own branding

    White-labeled texting solution lets companies brand SMS messages to match their corporate identity for a better customer experience.

    Security and compliance

    Secure and compliant with industry best practices for registering brand phone numbers and text message campaigns.

    Message status information and reporting

    Monitor status information on an SMS campaign immediately for specific details and access full reporting later for further analysis.

    Registration assistance

    Free assistance helping companies get approved for text message campaigns and 10-digit long code (10DLC) registration.

    How SMS APIs work

    Offer a complete software solution with white labeled, SMS communications.
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    Register a text message campaign

    Get text messages approved in line with phone carrier industry best practices.

    Register a 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) for company use

    PDCflow acquires 10DLCs for customer use. This enables sending outbound SMS messages and receiving inbound SMS messages via a customer-owned number.

    Send SMS via their 10DLC

    Businesses can engage customers by sending SMS messages. Text messages must adhere to their approved campaign.

    View real-time reporting

    Reporting features offer real-time updates on SMS delivery status for time-sensitive messaging.

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