Flow for Documents and Electronic Signatures

Faster, more cost-efficient business processes. Send documents and gather electronic signatures and photos through email or SMS in bulk or one at a time.
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    electronic signature solution


    Control important customer interactions with Flow outbound requests.

    Security and Compliance

    Keep documents HIPAA compliant. Add an extra layer of security with dual-factor authentication to verify documents are received and electronically signed by the intended recipient.

    Control Workflows

    Administrators can lock down document and esignature workflows by template, location, department, and user.

    Add Photo Uploads

    Do business faster. Make it easy for customers to add photo ID, insurance card, or any images you need.

    Document Audit Trail

    Includes multi-factor authentication, geolocation, date/time stamp, and delivery method.

    Personalized Branding

    Customize communications with your company's logo, name, and information.

    Bulk Messaging

    Send important documents to a large list of recipients at one time. Personalize the contents of these Flows to each recipient.


    Control Flow expiration times and who receives Flow notifications.

    Tracking and Reporting

    Know the status for every document and esignature Flow sent. Track and maintain accurate records for all Flow activity.
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      Reduce Cost
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      Boost Efficiency
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      Send via Email or SMS
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      Unlimited Templates
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      Meet HIPAA Compliance
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      Unlimited Users
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      Capture Legal Wet Signatures
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      Improve Customer Experience

    How Flow Technology works

    Combine multiple business transactions into one workflow. Send a document for review, gather an electronic signature and request photo uploads in one Flow email or text request.
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      Eliminate Fraud Risk
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      Eliminate Fraud Risk
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      Take Payment Now
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      Prove Consent
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      Stay Compliant
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      Reduce PCI Scope
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      Keep Agent In Control
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      Documented Audit Trail
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      Duel-authentication For Right Party Contact
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    Employee Selects the Flow Template

    Set up unlimited templates. Send documents and capture esignatures and photos in a single transaction or through Flow bulk messaging.

    Employee Sends the Flow Request

    Through email or text

    Customer Receives Text Or Email

    In real time

    Consumer Completes Requests Included in the Flow

    Customers click to review documents, electronically sign and upload photos.

    Employee Receives Completed Flow Request

    Documented audit report immediately available to customer and staff.


    Simplify your document delivery and esignature process.

    Flow Technology - electronic signature solution

    Do business faster.

    Reduce the time it takes to send out documents and receive items back from customers. Choose when a Flow will expire or have staff send communications while still on the phone with a customer so they can review or sign documents in real time.

    Simplify team productivity.

    Set up as many reusable templates as your business needs. Easily add standard fields, like signatures and dates, and create custom fields to fit your business needs. Unlimited users and templates mean everyone can access the materials they need without paying for extra logins.
    PDCflow esignature services
    PDCflow esignature services
    Flow Technology esignatures, photo uploads, digital document delivery

    Create a positive customer experience.

    Send through email and text, so customers can review documents and electronically sign from anywhere, any time on any device. Customize messaging and add a company logo to communications for a cohesive brand experience.
    PDCflow Digital Communications HIPAA Compliant

    Keep sensitive documents

    Send Private Health Information (PHI), minutes from meetings with a legal team, or other sensitive documents. Ensure private documents stay secure and HIPAA compliant. Flow Technology encrypts documents in transit and at rest.
    HIPAA compliant document and esignature services

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