To thrive in today's world you need to meet your customers on their terms
To drive growth, successful businesses focus on reducing the friction points that cause consumers to disengage and fail to make timely payments. Companies that deliver business requests directly to their customers – whether that is a billing invoice, payment request or an eSignature – see an increase in customer satisfaction and in completed transactions.

PDCflow for Extended Business Offices

Secure for your business and your consumers

Set up and lock down workflows to meet your specific business and compliance needs.

Use recipient-side authentication to ensure sensitive communications can only be accessed by the intended person.

Verify identity and completion of your business transactions with a documented audit trail.

Reduce risk and PCI scope - your consumers enter all private financial data.

Simplify Your Operations

PDCflow is the only software you need to send and receive complex business transactions – payments, eSignatures, electronic documents, photos or any combination of these elements.

Create unlimited templates, so your staff can send transactions in one easy workflow.

Use digital communications (email and text messaging) securely.

Report on all transactions from one platform for all locations and departments.

Create a Smooth and Easy Customer Experience

Eliminate friction for your customers – no hunting for a payment portal, no need to remember username and passwords, or set up secure messaging systems.

Customize the time your customers need to complete a transaction – minutes, hours or days.

Increase Consumer Engagement

Use secure text and email to engage consumers to review and sign documents, submit payments, and more.

Know with certainty if an email or text was received and opened, and monitor each step of the process with event tracking on every FLOW sent.

Control your customer communications with the messaging your business requires.

Extended Business Offices get results with PDCflow

Case Study Assistentcy Extended Business Office

97% FLOW delivery rate

73% FLOW open rate

74% FLOW click rate

Success Story
Doubled credit card payments

"When we started using FLOW, if a consumer or patient said they wanted to pay with a credit card, but didn't have the information readily available or didn't have the time because they were at work, my team makes the offer of emailing or texting them that payment link. And the thing that we noticed over the year was that our credit card receipts almost doubled."

- Cameron Karim, President, Assistentcy
HIPAA Compliant
Level 1 PCI Compliance
SOC 2 Compliant
99.99% Uptime Achieved

Deliver convenience to your consumers

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