Flow Service API

Flow Service API

Use secure email and SMS to send documents and request esignatures, photos, and payments via simple API integration.
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    Flow Service APIs

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    Take control of important customer communications

    White label branding

    Customize secure communications with your company's logo, name, and information.

    Customizable settings

    Control when a message expires and who within your company receives progress notifications.

    Personalized bulk messaging

    Import up to 5,000 records at once and send personalized messages to each recipient for payment reminders, payment requests, document delivery, and ID requests in one workflow.

    Tracking and reporting

    Know the status for every Flow sent. Track and maintain accurate records for all Flow activity.

    Secure communications

    Protect sensitive customer communications with dual authentication, a documented audit trail, and end-to-end encryption.

    How Flow APIs work

    Send faster, more secure communications to customers through digital messages.
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    Integrate Secure Communications

    Use PDCflow's Flow Service in your existing software to add powerful and secure communication functionalities. PDCflow's developer support is available to assist you throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and successful integration.

    Send Templated Requests

    Need eSignatures, payments, photo IDs, or document delivery? Create and save custom templates to streamline workflows for you and your team. Choose to deliver requests via email, SMS, or both!

    Customers Take Desired Action

    Customers receive your message, open it, and follow the steps to complete the Flow request by reviewing the document, uploading a photo or file, making a payment, and/or submitting their signature.

    Notifications Automatically Sent to Staff

    Employees who sign up for internal notifications will receive updates during each stage of the workflow.

    Automated Receipts Sent to Customers

    Customers who request a receipt will automatically receive one at the email address they provide.

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