PDCflow was established in 2003 in Ogden, Utah to fill the need of electronic payments for the ARM system DAKCS Software. Upon creation, the purpose and mission of PDCflow (branded at that time as PDC4U) was to carry the PCI compliance burden for our partner, DAKCS, and process payments electronically.

As technology matured and people’s preferences and habits toward paying bills changed, our team saw the gaps in our clients’ daily processes. Our focus went beyond creating a secure payment environment to include improving the experience for both the consumers who want to pay their debts and businesses in the accounts receivable industry that collect those debts.

We asked ourselves:

  • How could we make the process of getting signed consent for payments easier and more efficient while fulfilling the needed regulations of the AR industry?
  • How could we save AR businesses and our software partners the time and expense of payment compliance while making it a smooth and easy process for consumers?
  • How could we include multiple business transactions into one workflow?
  • How could we begin moving beyond payments to also include document transfers, electronic signatures and document or photo uploads?

Our product roadmap focused on creating a better experience for businesses collecting payments and for their consumers – while keeping all payment data secure. Our software evolved from simply processing an electronic payment to delivering payment information securely, chaining together other business processes into a fast, seamless experience for both parties – the business and their consumers.

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Our Mission
PDCflow Convenience Delivered

Our technology is focused on how we deliver a business transaction, whether it is a payment, a document, a signature or a photo upload, or any combination of those, between an organization to a consumer.

Our digital technology creates a convenient experience for both the companies that use our application and their consumers.

As a company, our mission is to deliver a convenient experience in every interaction we have with our customers – from development and integration to onboarding and support.

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PDCflow History

Pay Data Center, Inc. is founded in order to provide secure, PCI compliant payment processing services to the DAKCS client base.

PDC4U brand is created along with a stand alone front end user interface. Service offerings are expanded to include ACH and multiple payment channels – online payments and recurring payments. We expand our client base beyond DAKCS users.

Our innovative eSignature product is launched, specifically designed for the accounts receivable industry and to satisfy the compliance demands of Regulation E.

We rebrand as PDCflow to bring our new focus of delivering convenience through our FLOW Technology – the digital delivery and capture of business transactions and a friction free consumer experience.

We release our updated user interface with FLOW Technology, which holds the capability to send a document or invoice, request a signature and ID and take a payment all in one simple workflow, creating ease of payment for both the business user and the consumer.

We strengthen our commitment to security by completing the SOC 2 audit for SSAE 18. We also bolster our offerings for clients in the medical industry by achieving compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data security standards.

We update our open APIs to REST format so account or customer relationship platforms can easily integrate into the solutions that work best for their customers.

Not only did integration with PDCflow create a better experience for our partners and their consumers, but it saved our partners significantly on PCI compliance time management and cost commitments. Our patented Secure Entry Overlay technology takes our partner platforms completely out of PCI scope.


The pandemic forces us to reevaluate our company culture as we made the decision to move all employees to work from home. After polling employees, leadership decides change our policies and become a permanent remote-first company, giving our employees the option to work from home full time.

We also see demand for our Flow Technology increase as the industries we serve are forced to move call center agents to work from home.

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