Make it easy for your customers to submit payments to you.
  • Securely send your customers a digital invoice with a payment form via text or email.

  • Your customers can review their invoice, complete payment information and submit payment to you in minutes.

  • Don’t wait for the check to come in the mail. Accept ACH, credit or debit card payments with just a few clicks.
Consumer Goods and Services Streamline Billing

Save your staff time while you save your business money.

Consumer Goods and Services Digital Signature

Simplify your contract management for your staff and your customers.

  • Send your customer a contract for signature to their cell phone, so they can review and sign anywhere.

  • Dual authentication keeps sensitive contracts secure and private.

  • Pull a detailed audit report for all your signed contracts.

  • Create custom templates to increase office efficiency..

Protect your business from data breaches.

medical billing payment software pci compliance

No more headaches or extra costs. Use PDCflow's patented software to remove your business from PCI Scope.

  • Send your payment portal to your customer's email, mobile phone or via chat on your website.

  • Build trust. Your customer completes all sensitive payment information.

  • Reduce your PCI scope. Your staff never sees or hears sensitive card data.

  • Set up recurring payments or process future payments with ease. All payment data is encrypted and tokenized.
HIPAA Compliant
Level 1 PCI Compliance
SOC 2 Compliant
99.99% Uptime Achieved

- How it works -

  • Create custom workflows based on your ebilling and payment needs

    Set up the options you need - send by email, text message or both, send a detailed eBill, request a signature on a document or payment, request a photo ID, and request a payment.

  • Accept multiple payment methods through multiple channels

    Take credit, debit cards and ACH payments online, over the phone or through POS, IVR and mobile devices.

  • Allow flexible time frames for payment completion

    Give your patients minutes, hours or days to review the eBill and complete the payment form.

  • Pull a detailed audit report

    Report includes: Dual authentication, date/time stamp, method of delivery (email address and/or cell phone number) and a legal wet signature.

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