SMS and Email Payments

SMS and Email Payments

Take one-time email and SMS payments. Set up recurring payments through email and text with Flow Technology.
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    PDCflow Flow Technology

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    Simplify payments with email and SMS billing software

    Create a one-step process

    Merge multi-step processes into one easy step for your staff and customers. Combine business transactions – send invoices, capture esignatures, and collect payments – into one workflow.

    Offer a better customer experience

    End friction for your customers. Send your billing statement and payment portal to customers through email and text. No need to remember a username and password. Customize the time your customers need to complete a Flow request – minutes, hours, or days.

    Get paid faster

    Email and text payments provide a convenient and preferred method for your customers to pay on time. Use text and email to send payment reminders, invoices, account statements, and receipts.

    Minimize risk

    Customers authenticate their identity and enter their own sensitive payment data. Employees never see, hear or touch credit card or banking information. Reduce your PCI compliance scope and data breach risk.

    Track email and SMS payment progress

    Know when your customers receive, open, and complete each email or text payment request. Receive date and time stamps for each event. Customize which employees are notified. View a documented audit trail for every completed email and text payment.

    Integrate with open APIs

    Integrate email and SMS payments to your system of record. Receive dedicated integration support from the PDCflow development team.

    How Flow Technology works

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      Eliminate Fraud Risk
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      Eliminate Fraud Risk
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      Take Payment Now
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      Prove Consent
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      Stay Compliant
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      Reduce PCI Scope
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      Keep Agent In Control
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      Documented Audit Trail
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      Duel-authentication For Right Party Contact

    Combine multiple business transactions into one workflow. Send a document for review and esignature and include your payment portal in one Flow email and text payment request.

    Collect payments and esignatures on contracts, legal agreements, rental agreements, insurance premiums, sales orders, and estimates.

    Consumers sign and then enter their own private payment information on a secure form. Your staff never sees, hears, or touches sensitive payment data.

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    Staff Selects the Flow Template

    Set up unlimited templates. Send and capture documents, esignatures and payments in a single transaction called a Flow.

    Staff Sends the Flow Request

    Through email or text.

    Customer Receives Text or Email

    In real time.

    Customer Completes Requests included in the Flow

    Customers click to electronically sign and enter sensitive payment data in privacy.

    Staff Receives Completed Flow Request

    Documented audit report immediately available to customer and staff.

    Manage all your important business transactions

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      Invoice billing
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      Dunning emails
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      One-time payments
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      Recurring payments
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      Esignatures on contracts
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      Payment reminders
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    Completed Payments Through Flow

    Our patented Flow Technology gets results

    Send documents for esignature and payment portals in one seamless workflow.

    No login requirements.
    No paperwork to keep track of.

    Consumers review documents, sign, and enter their own payment data in just a few clicks.

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