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PDCflow’s accounts receivable payment hub empowers you to simplify your workflows. Send secure documents and payment forms digitally to get paid faster.


Secure Electronic Signatures

Connect with your customers on their terms via their mobile phone.

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FLOW + Payments

Secure Payments & Signatures

Send custom workflows to consumers through the channels they use most.

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A Complete Accounts Receivable Payment Hub

Accept Credit and Debit Cards

Accept Credit Cards

Accept ACH Payments

Accept ACH Payments

Online Payments

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Recurring Payments

recurring payments


esignature services

EBill Presentment and Payment

ebill presentment and payment

Integration Solutions


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fast and easy with our open APIs

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See what our Customers are saying…

  • I have worked on this system for a very long time. Customer service is great. This system is very easy to use and maneuver around. Researching payments it the simplest I have seen. I also like the daily reports I get telling me who processed a payment.” -Lori Condo, Assistant Controller at Orleans Community Health
  • “We have noticed an increase in our revenue since allowing online payments using PDCflow. We emphasize the online option in our letters drawing the customers attention to the online capability. Customers are so busy today they don’t have time to stop and call in. They can pay online when it’s right for their schedule and save on a stamp too! Highly recommend using this product. Their customer service is top notch too! Increases our company’s revenue with ease of payment to customers.-Lisa True, Managing Director at Secured Resolutions LLC
  • This is a “must have” service! My company has been using PDC4U/PDC Flow since 2008. This is and has always been a very reliable and user friendly system. PDC strives to constantly enhance the services available to its customers while ensuring the data we input is secure and safeguarded. If you are looking for a service that will increase your daily cash flow, stop looking and give them a call!” -Amy Hope, President at Outsource Receivables Management, Inc.