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Collect payments through secure email and text with Flow Technology.
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    PDCflow Payment Portals
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    Flow Technology for Revenue Cycle Management

    Reduce risk and PCI compliance scope

    Send your payment portal right to your consumers' fingertips so they can enter their own payment information. Representatives never see or hear sensitive payment data.

    Deliver a better consumer experience

    End payment friction for consumers. Establish right-party contact through dual-factor authentication, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords. Send consumers a secure link through email or text that includes their billing statement and a payment portal. Consumers review and submit payment when it is convenient for them.

    Save time and lower costs

    Cut mailing costs and save time. Send billing statements with a payment portal to consumers through HIPAA compliant Flows. Reduce customer service calls to confirm payment completion. Consumers can opt to send themselves receipts.

    Keep representatives in control

    Close more accounts. First contact may be the only contact. Send Flow requests and capture payments while on the phone with consumers. Customer service agents can go over billing line items, answer questions, and reduce disputes.

    Meet regulations

    Opt-out options are available for consumers for both email and text. Dual authentication verifies identity and meets HIPAA requirements.

    Manage account set up

    Set up customized email messaging. Set flexible expiration dates. Give your consumers hours, days or weeks to complete the payment workflows.
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      Accept secure credit card payments
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      Accept secure ACH payments
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      Allow consumers to enter their own payment data
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      Retrieve a documented audit trail
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      Use email and SMS compliantly
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      Send billing statements through email and SMS


    A secure request engine

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      Send documents
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      Send payment requests
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      Capture legally binding signatures
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      Request photo uploads
    Each outbound request is called a Flow. Mix and match any of the above actions into one Flow and send to your customers via email/SMS or through your company's web chat or chatbot system.


    Review & Accept


    Email Deliverability Rate


    SMS Deliverability Rate


    Email Open Rate


    Email Click-Through Rate


    Completed Payments Through Flow

    Our patented Flow Technology gets results

    Send documents for esignature and payment portals in one seamless workflow.

    Settlement letters.
    Payment schedule authorizations.
    Billing statements for consumer validation.

    Consumers review documents, sign, and enter their own payment data in just a few clicks.

    How Flow Technology works

    Agents never see, hear or touch consumer credit card or bank account information. Consumers enter their own private financial data, building trust with your business.

    Verify identity and consent for all payments with a documented audit trail. Set up and lock down workflows to meet your specific business and compliance needs.

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      Eliminate Fraud Risk
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      Eliminate Fraud Risk
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      Take Payment Now
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      Prove Consent
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      Stay Compliant
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      Reduce PCI Scope
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      Keep Agent In Control
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      Documented Audit Trail
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      Duel-authentication For Right Party Contact
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    Representative Selects Flow Template

    Send documents, payment requests, gather legally binding signatures, and request photo uploads. Mix and match any of the above actions into one Flow.

    Representative Sends Flow Request

    Direct to consumers through email or text.

    Consumer Receives Text Or Email

    In real time.

    Consumer Completes Flow Request

    All sensitive payment data entered in privacy.

    Representative Receives Completed Flow Request

    Audit report immediately available to consumer and employee.

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