Integrated PDCflow solutions empower your Debtmaster360 software to:
  • Accept secure credit card payments
  • Capture signed payment consent
  • Allow consumers to enter their own payment data
  • Retrieve a documented audit trail
  • Use email and text messaging compliantly
  • Automate payments in your Debtmaster account
  • Offer convenience to your consumers
  • Improve your payment security and compliance

- How it works -

  • Agents Select Transaction

    Payment, eSignature, Payment authorization, Document delivery, Photo upload

  • Agents Send Request

    Via email or text

  • Consumers Receive Text or Email

    In real time

  • Consumers Complete Transaction

    All sensitive credit card data entered in privacy

  • Agents Receive Transaction

    Audit report immediately available to consumer and agent

Use Flow Technology for secure email and text messaging so your agency can:
Reduce Risk and PCI Compliance Scope

Send your payment portal right to your consumers' fingertips so they can enter their own payment information. Collectors never see or hear sensitive payment data.

Provide a Convenient Consumer Experience

Eliminate payment friction for consumers. Establish right party contact through dual factor authentication eliminating the need for usernames and passwords.

Save on the Cost of Compliance

Cut mailing costs and save time. Send a Flow to your consumers while they are still on the phone with your agents to collect consent with a wet signature.

Keep Collectors in Control

First contact may be the only contact. Close more accounts by sending requests and receiving payments while on the phone with consumers.

Meet CFPB and FDCPA Compliance

Opt out options are available for consumers for both email and text. Dual authentication verifies identity and meets third party disclosure requirements.

Customizable and Flexible

Set up customized email messaging from within your Debtmaster account. Set flexible expiration dates. Give your consumers hours, days or weeks to complete the payment workflows.

HIPAA Compliant
Level 1 PCI Compliance
SOC 2 Compliant
99.99% Uptime Achieved

PDCflow's integrated Flow Technology in your Debtmaster360 software creates an easy consumer experience

Flow Technology PDCflow

With PDCflow's patented FLOW Technology 
  • Send consumer billing statements and payment forms in one seamless workflow.
  • No login requirements.
  • No paper statements to keep track of.
  • No long access code to enter.
  • Consumers enter their own payment information.
  • Consumers can sign, proving payment consent.
“When we started using Flow, if a consumer or patient said they wanted to pay with a credit card, but didn’t have the information readily available or didn’t have the time because they were at work, my team makes the offer of emailing or texting them that payment link. And the thing that we noticed over the year was that our credit card receipts almost doubled.”
– Cameron Karim, President & COO, Assistentcy
Turn a promised payment into a completed payment

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