A Complete How To for Using Email and Text in Debt Collection

Learn how your collection team can use text and email to communicate with consumers, collect payments, and remain compliant!
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What's Inside This How-To

Gain access to:

  • What laws govern email and text messaging
  • The individual regulators that enforce these laws
  • How to obtain consent for both emailing and text messaging
  • Up-to-date phone carrier rules to use text messaging
  • Examples of compliant text message use
  • What the content of your email should include
  • A case study of one debt collection agency’s text messaging success with PDCflow’s FLOW Technology
Email and Text in Debt Collection How To
2019 Text Message Statistics
2019 Email Statistics

    Traditional communication methods like telephone calls and paper correspondence are becoming less popular with consumers. As new digital communication methods emerge, consumers expect companies to keep up with tech trends by offering communication methods they most prefer.

    The CFPB’s Regulation F put forth many expectations for collectors using text and email for collection purposes. As the rule has been finalized, it is important to understand your FDCPA compliance responsibilities and the consequences of violation.

    Information is based on panelists Joann Needleman of Clark Hill Law and John Bedard of Bedard Law Group in the PDCflow webinar Taking the Stress Out of Emailing and Texting Consumers: A Primer for Debt Collectors.

    These two well-known attorneys discussed how debt collectors can use text and email right now to better communicate with consumers while remaining compliant.

    John Chebat, MGBillPay

    "What we have found is outstanding. Our response rate is so much higher. What we have found is when we send a reminder text that people generally call in to change the date or amount so we don't have a decline. Our ratio of declines has gone way down."

    John Chebat
    Owner of OMG/MG BillPay
    Joann Needleman Clark Hill Law

    " We can be a lot more strategic in our communications in email and text because they're being read."

    Joann Needleman
    Member at Clark Hill Law
    John Bedard Bedard Law Group

    "When I think about consent, I think about it in terms of the channel but I also think about it in terms of everybody else I want permission to communicate with."

    John Bedard
    Bedard Law Group
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