Celebrating the accomplishments and success of our clients


Southern Credit Adjusters, Inc.

Albany Memorial Hospital

Southern Credit Adjusters, Inc. (SCA, Inc.) is a full-service collections and billing agency located in North Carolina. The team at SCA provides a wide range of financial services for their clients including collection of past-due accounts and pre-collect programs. The agency keeps on top of compliance and regulations through their active memberships at the ACA, HFMA, NC Association of Radiological Business Managers, NC Association of EMS Administrators and NC Association of Collection Agencies.

Their PDCflow Story

SCA, Inc. prides itself on using industry-leading technology. In 2011, PDCflow software was added as one of these technology partners. Valuing payment automation and consumer convenience, SCA, Inc. immediately offered an online payment option on its website. Due to this, the company has experienced significant growth of self-serve payments year over year since.

When a consumer enters payment information directly, it benefits the agency in several ways:

  • The consumer is less likely to chargeback or dispute the payment.
  • The agency’s liability or PCI compliance scope is reduced.
  • Operational costs for the agency are reduced.

PDCflow 2019 Hall of Fame - Online Payment Growth

Thank you to SCA, Inc. for trusting PDCflow year after year to deliver reliable and convenient payment channels for your consumers.


Asset Recovery Associates, Inc.

Asset Recovery Associates Inc.

ARA, Inc. is a debt collection agency with a focus on bank and credit card debt recovery. Located in Illinois, the agency has been in business since 2003. ARA focuses on providing compassionate customer service so that consumers can resolve their debt in a friendly and fair way.

Their PDCflow Story

ARA, Inc. joined the PDCflow Community as a client in 2012 and quickly took advantage of payment automation through the software’s recurring payment module.

In 2017, ARA, Inc. joined the growing number of clients using PDCflow software to send secure electronic communications to consumers while on the phone with front-line collectors. This function has allowed ARA, Inc. to obtain signed payment consents on high dollar one-time payments and agreed-upon recurring payment terms keeping them in compliance with the EFT Act.

ARA Inc Team

PDCflow thanks ARA, Inc. for placing their trust in our software and team.

“Over the last five years of our partnership, PDCflow has provided our company with incomparable service and excellent products. We rely on their fantastic tools, such as Recurring Schedules and Signature/Document Requests, to ensure expeditious processing and unquestionable security with each and every transaction. We look forward to continuing our incredible relationship with PDCflow for years to come!!”Brian Cohen, Office Manager, ARA Inc.


Diaz and Associates

Diaz and Associates, Inc.

Diaz and Associates is a debt collection agency located in Tustin, California established in 2001 by owner and Chief Compliance Officer, Victor Diaz. Diaz and Associates is an active member of ACA International, RMAi and the California Association of Collectors.

Their PDCflow Story

Diaz and Associates signed with PDCflow in 2007 and as PDCflow expanded services and solutions - adding a secure online portal and a recurring payment module - Diaz was able to take advantage of automation and reduce operational costs.

In 2018, Diaz and Associates added PDCflow’s secure electronic delivery - FLOW - to their tech stack, giving them the ability to obtain an authenticated wet signature on high dollar payments. This technology reduces their risk of chargebacks and ensures right party contact on the payment.

PDCflow appreciates the trust Diaz and Associates has put in us as their secure provider of payment and electronic communication software.

PDCflow is a robust payment hub that empowers you to securely send electronic documents and payment forms. Collect payments faster and keep your data safe.