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Seamless customer contract and payment experience. Improved PCI compliance across the organization.

    Carlisle Wide Plank Floors manufactures high quality, long wide plank flooring both direct to customers and to businesses. Manufacturing is done in New Hampshire. Most of the materials (99%) are sourced in the US and 99% are sold to US-based clients.

    The company has several showroom locations across the country: Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, Stoddard, NH, and Washington DC.

    Brian Ford is the Director of IT and is responsible for implementing and supervising all internal solutions that they build in-house, including integration or introduction of new software, phones, networks and hardware.

    Amanda Lockwood is the Client Partner Manager and her core responsibilities are managing the customer service team and the customer experience for the business. She manages a call center of eight team members who take customer inquiries and orders.


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    Amanda Lockwood
    Client Partner Manager
    “Internally, my team loves PDCflow because it was two separate processes before. We were chasing a lot of things. That was highly inefficient."

    The Challenge

    Before PDCflow’s Flow Technology, Carlisle was using two separate vendors – one to electronically send a contract for approval and a signature, and another to collect a deposit on an order.

    Working in two different software systems created extra pressure on the customer service team, who often had to follow up with a customer several times because either the contract was signed but no payment was made – or vice versa.

    Due to the quantity and size of the orders, Carlisle requires customers to verify that orders are correct and then sign off on their approval. Once a customer signs off, payment on the order is required before the order is processed and shipped.

    Main points of concern Carlisle needed to address were:

    1. Reduce the amount of follow up and work the customer service team needed to do to get an order approved and a deposit or payment on the order.
    1. Create a smooth customer experience for clients/customers to review contracts, approve and sign, and submit a payment. It needed to be easy, especially since they manufacture a luxury product where white-glove service is expected.
    1. Establish a smooth process for the customer service team. Ideally, this meant having one software that can accomplish both needs (getting a contract signed and capturing a payment) in one workflow.
    1. Reduce PCI compliance and fraud risk.
    Brian Ford
    Director of IT
    “PDCflow enables us to be more PCI compliant so we are not storing any of that sensitive information in our internal systems.”

    The Solution

    Carlisle began using PDCflow's Flow Technology to request a signature approval along with down payment in a single digital workflow.

    Combining both halves of the process:

    • Eliminates the need for separate software vendors for payment and signature capture.

    • Simplifies reporting, keeping track of both parts of the workflow in a single place.

    • Reduces the need for manual follow-ups for those who used to only complete one half of the signature and payment process.

    • Decreases the time and effort they must spend training staff to use their software tools.

    The Results

    With PDCflow, Carlisle was able to:

    • Eliminate the need for follow-ups on accounts where only half of a workflow was complete.
    • Reduce the number of software tools it takes to complete their tasks, the company has cut down on training time, staff tasks, and costs.
    • More easily satisfy high-end customers and provide white-glove service through a fast, secure, simple workflow for payments and contract approvals by email, text message, web chat, or in person.
    • Allow customers to enter their own payment information which cuts down on PCI compliance risk and ensures greater security for Carlisle and its customers.
    • As PCI compliance is in large part handled by PDCflow, Carlisle doesn't need to store any sensitive payment information in their internal systems.
    • Carlisle has been able to achieve a 74% completion rate of contracts with a payment sent in one workflow with Flow Technology.
      Brian Ford
      Director of IT
      “The main reason we changed to PDCflow was because we wanted to find a company who could encompass the whole process. Because at times, our orders are quite large, many thousands of dollars, we need customers to sign off. Once they’ve signed, they are taken to a collection page where they can enter their credit card and make a payment .”

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