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DAKCS Connect: Digital Strategies for Collection Success

Learn about the advantages of integrating digital strategies into your collection processes through your DAKCS Beyond platform. Discover how to create, schedule, and manage text and email communications with DAKCS Communication Service and integrated Flow services.

Watch DAKCS, PDCflow, and Kindred Force Media panelists to discover how you can increase consumer engagement, ensure compliance, and collect more payments.
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    What this webinar covered:

    • Learn about a new tool for DAKCS Beyond users called DAKCS Communication Services (DCS). See how to create flexible email and SMS templates, giving you full control over your messaging.

    • Watch a live demo of how to schedule email and SMS messages through DCS and automate responses so you have more efficient and effective communications with consumers.

    • Learn how and when to send Flows smart requests within your Beyond platform so you can securely send documents and collect payments through email and SMS.

    • Learn the different payment options that PDCflow offers that are fully integrated within your Beyond platform, such as credit card payments, ACH payments, and Zero Cost Processing options.

    • See a live demo of what payment and Flow reporting is available within your PDCflow account.

    • Review how to easily send Flow smart requests in bulk to simplify mass communications and how you can use PDCflow’s white label option to personalize and customize emails, payment portals, and more.

    • Understand the requirements for text messaging number approval by The Campaign Registry, including the necessity of a compliant website and opt-in workflow.

    • Learn how you can use Kindred Force Websites to save time and money. Website packages that are pre-approved for compliance, featuring managed hosting, ADA compliance, and ongoing legal review to facilitate digital engagement with consumers for one low price.

    About the speakers

    Julie Newson, Implementation Specialist, DAKCS

    Julie Newson


    Julie in her 20 years at DAKCS has been a core member of our implementation, onboarding, and software training team. As an Implementation Specialist, she focuses on helping our customers incorporate products and services like Flow Technology into their business operations.

    Tommy Secrist, DAKCS

    Tommy Secrist


    With 15 years at Dakcs, Tommy Secrist leads the customer success, product management, implementation, and training teams, driving excellence in third-party debt collection solutions.

    Kristen Makanoa - PDCflow CX/UX Designer

    Kristen Makanoa


    Kristen is a customer-focused Product Manager at PDCflow. With a strong background in brand development, design, and marketing, she works with cross-functional and agile teams to launch and continuously improve web and mobile apps. Kristen brings customer experiences to life with action-oriented collaboration and thoughtful project execution.

    Matthew Snedden, Kindred Force Media

    Matthew Snedden


    With a deep-rooted passion for compliance and a keen eye for digital innovation, Matthew has been instrumental in steering KFM towards its mission of building compliant websites tailored specifically to the unique needs of debt collection agencies.


    Philip Neuwirth


    With 10 years of experience in the finance and tech industry, Philip’s expertise bridges the gap between complex financial compliance requirements and technological advancements. He excels at building strong teams that foster an environment where creativity and compliance come together to redefine the future of the debt collection landscape.

    DAKCS logo 2024
    DAKCS is a Utah-based software and support provider. Our name and our products have become ubiquitous in the debt-collection industry thanks to our 40-year history of providing collection-specific technology. DAKCS provides powerful software for a variety of industries -- legal, medical, collections, and more -- for managing balances, accepting payments, and so much more.
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    PDCflow is digital communication and payment software designed to create faster customer payment cycles. Send your payment page to customers through channels they prefer – email, SMS, and web chat. Bundle contracts or invoices with payment requests into one digital workflow. Customers can review, sign, and complete payments in a couple of clicks.
    Kindred Force Media specializes in crafting compliant and effective websites designed explicitly for debt collection agencies, ensuring seamless functionality and adherence to industry regulations. We combine professional web design with comprehensive legal knowledge to deliver custom online solutions tailored to the unique needs of debt collection agencies.

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