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Flow Technology for DAKCS Beyond

Increase engagement and drive self-managed payments with integrated Flow Technology within your DAKCS Beyond ARM platform.
Join Heather Harris from PDCflow and Reid Miller and Julie Newson from DAKCS. Learn how to use secure email and text messages to send letters and collect payments.
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    What this webinar covered:

    A live demo of how to use Flow Technology from within your DAKCS Beyond platform to send settlement and payment reminder letters. Use digital collection channels to capture signatures for consent.

    How to send a Flow through email and SMS for Regulation E compliance on payment plans. Capture a signature and store payment data for future payments.

    How to automate Flows in Beyond with actions and triggers. Learn how to trigger payment receipts.

    A walkthrough of the workflow from the consumer's perspective. See how it looks when consumers receive an email or text and follow the steps through to payment completion.

    About the speakers

    Heather Harris, PDCflow

    Heather Harris


    Heather Harris has been with PDCflow for over 10 years and focuses on helping companies strategize and implement a streamlined payment workflow that utilizes digital communications and innovative technology to increase cash flow.

    Reid Miller, DAKCS Senior Account Executive

    Reid Miller


    Reid has held many roles in his 15+ years at DAKCS progressing through support, implementation, training, software consulting and sales. He is a problem solver by nature and loves helping people solve complex problems with software.

    Julie Newson, DAKCS Implementation Specialist

    Julie Newson


    Julie in her 19+ years at DAKCS has been a core member of our implementation, onboarding, and software training team. As an Implementation Specialist, she focuses on helping our customers incorporate products and services like Flow Technology into their business operations.

    Reduce risk and PCI compliance scope

    Send your payment portal right to your consumers' fingertips so they can enter their own payment information. Collectors never see or hear sensitive payment data.

    Customize messaging

    Set up customized email messaging from within your Beyond account. Set flexible expiration dates. Give your consumers hours, days or weeks to complete the payment workflows.

    Meet CFPB and FDCPA compliance

    Opt-out options are available for consumers for both email and text. Dual authentication verifies identity and meets third-party disclosure requirements.

    Cut operation costs

    Cut mailing costs and save time. Send a Flow to your consumers while they are still on the phone with your agents to collect consent with a wet signature.
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    Completed Payments Through Flow

    Our patented Flow Technology gets results

    Collect signatures and payments in one seamless workflow.

    Settlement letters.
    Signed authorizations on large payments for chargeback prevention.
    Keep agent assisted payments out of PCI scope.

    Consumers review documents, sign, and enter their own payment data in just a few clicks.