Integrated Payment and Compliance Solutions for ROYDAN Debt Collection Software Accounts


ROYDAN Collection Software –
Integrated PDCflow Partner

Integrated Credit Card & ACH Payments

One time and Recurring Payments updated automatically in your Simplicity Software equals efficiency for your business.

Integrated eSignatures for Payment Authorizations

Send a request for a Signature via text or email and receive a “wet signature” along with an audit report with dual authentication and geo location.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access to PDCflow Account for customizable reporting on all your payments and authorizations. All data stored on your behalf for a minimum of 7 years.

We are pleased to have Roydan debt collection software as one of our distinguished Integrated Partners to our PDCflow service offering. Complete the following information below and a PDCflow representative will contact you soon to discuss your PDCflow service offering needs.

PDCflow is now offering e-SignatureFlow, our digital signature service, free when using PaymentFlow, Credit Card Processing, Services. Request and Receive a “wet signature” authorization on your payments in minutes!


PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant

All payments are encrypted and tokenized and meet the highest level of Compliance required by Visa and Mastercard. With Simplicity-Integrated Partner services, PDCflow covers the majority of the PCI Compliance burden, so you don’t have to, and payments post to your Simplicity system in real time.