Remove your software from PCI Scope. Give your users a fully integrated accounts receivable solution.

Offer your users a flexible, streamlined workflow through PDCflow payment integration

Workflows Streamlined

Keeping their processes consistent and meeting their organization-specific requirements with team-wide custom workflows.

Collecting more payments faster. Offer them one-time workflow setups they can send again and again.

Automating compliance and account updates.

Compliance Made Easy

Keeping their business systems out of PCI scope and consumer card data secure with patented Secure Entry Overlay technology.

Helping them comply with Regulation E and NACHA rules with digital signatures on all recurring payment schedules.

Providing HIPAA compliance with PDCflow's dual authentication and secure document transmission.

Increased Revenue

Making it easy for consumers to pay. Offer payment method consumers prefer in the payment channels that are best for them.

Resolving account balances immediately. Let them securely send billing statements to clients along with a payment form.

Recovering more and decreasing bad debt. Allow them to send customized billing statements by text or email to collect more small balances.

Decrease Days Outstanding

Shorten average days outstanding with a text message payment reminder.

Allowing communication with consumers how they prefer. Text messages have a higher open and response rate than phone calls.

Increasing the speed and number of payments you receive by using digital channels.

Payment Integration & Partnership Benefits for Your Business

  • Add Value to Your Solutions

    An Integrated Payment and Compliance Management Solution that shoulders the majority of the PCI burden gives your customers a streamlined workflow and high level security.

  • Expand Your Revenue Sources

    Get ahead of the trend by offering bill pay options via your software and reap the financial benefits. PDCflow offers an excellent revenue sharing package.

  • Boost Your Competitive Advantage

    Partnering with a payment vendor that can offer multiple payment solutions plus eSignature and Document/Invoice Presentment puts your Solution heads and shoulders above those who don't.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    PDCflow fully supports all accounts with a dedicated Customer Success Staff and offers personalized training and dedicated Customer Support.