Why Integrate and Partner with PDCflow?  

PDCflow’s mission is to create a smooth automated workflow for the accounts receivable management industry. Integrated PDCflow services will save your customers time while creating a flexible and streamlined workflow and increase the volume of incoming payments by allowing multiple payment channels and options.  Compliance & Payment Integration with a PDCflow partnership will enable your software to offer a fully integrated payment system to your customers, increasing their efficiency and their ability to remain compliant on payments. PDCflow was designed to shoulder the largest burden of PCI Compliance, so you and your customers don’t have to. Businesses today want to send an authorization for payment or a billing statement electronically, have them approved from anywhere, and then have the payment entered into their accounting software automatically. A PDCflow partnership can offer this vital integration to your customers.

Compliance & Payment Integration Benefits for Your Customer

payment integration

Multiple Payment Channels

Credit/Debit Cards
Mobile Payments
Online Payments

payment integration

Integrated Compliance Management Tools

eSignature Authorizations on Payments
Document Presentment
Dual Authentication
Mobile and Email

payment integration

Security & Compliance

PCI Level 1
Secure Entry Overlay
SSAE 16 Certification
2048 Bit Encryption
Tokenization within a Secure Vault
Trustwave Certification

payment integration

Cloud Based

Unlimited Users
Multiple Payment Methods and Merchant Accounts in One Platform
Operational on Any Device and Operating System

payment integration

One Reporting Hub

All Payment Reporting in Single Location
Granular and Customizable Reporting
Free Data Storage
Exportable Payment Data

payment integration

Ease of Use

Automated Workflows
Excellent Customer Support
Free Online Training
Simplify Account Reconciliation
Eliminate Redundant Data Entry

Integration & Partnership Benefits for Your Business

  • Adds Value to Your Solutions

    An Integrated Payment and Compliance Management Solution that shoulders the majority of the PCI burden gives your customers a streamlined workflow and high level security.

  • Expands Your Revenue Sources

    Get ahead of the trend by offering Bill Pay Options via your software and reap the financial benefits. PDCflow offers an excellent Revenue Sharing Package.

  • Boosts Your Competitive Advantage

    Partnering with a Payment Vendor that can offer multiple payment solutions plus eSignature and Document/Invoice Presentment puts your Solution heads and shoulders above those who don’t.

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction

    PDCflow fully supports all accounts with a dedicated Customer Success Staff and offers personalized training and dedicated Customer Support.

PDCflow payment integration provides

Supported implementation with our API Developers Forum.

Gives your software a competitive advantage.

Provides your business with a new recurring revenue stream.

Ready to Add Value for your Customers and Add Revenue for your Business?

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The fastest, easiest Payment Integration Solution. With little to no programming needed, the PDC EZ Pay Form is a snap to integrate in order to quickly process credit cards or eChecks from your own program or software without the worry of PCI Compliance costs or concerns.

Secure Entry Overlay

A seamless integration between account management software and PDCflow’s Payment Processing Products taking the core software platform out of PCI Scope. Enter payment information (credit card data) from within your software system using our secure entry overlay form.