Reduce costs while automating compliance

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PDCflow is partnered with several Merchant Service Providers so we can:
  • provide the most competitive and equitable rates to our clients
  • save merchants up to 30% in merchant processing fees
  • place high risk merchant accounts
  • provide a stable merchant account without the worry of being shut down due to working in a high risk industry
A PDCflow cost savings analysis gives you:
  • a charge by charge comparison
  • a breakdown of monthly and annual savings
  • your current costs versus one of our partner’s costs
  • a breakdown of the PDCflow Payment Management System’s costs
  • a consultation in order to review the efficiency of your current payment processing features and workflows
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PDCflow Payment Solutions does more for your business

Recurring Payments

Set up a Recurring Schedule while taking an initial payment or allow your customers to set up their own payment schedules.

Electronic Document Delivery

Send a any Document for approval and receive a Signature fast and easy.

Integrated eSignatures

Obtain a wet signature on Recurring Schedules or on any payment within minutes and make it easy on your customer to give authorization.

Online Payments

Customizable Payment Portal. Take payments even when your office is closed.

One Reporting Hub

Access all payment types from a Single Location. Flexible and Customizable Reporting Options makes it easy to pull the reports you need.

Payment Automation

Built in Payment Reminders, Receipts, and Payment Notices. Less work for you and no worries about compliance.

“Increases our company’s revenue with ease of payment to customers. We have noticed an increase in our revenue since allowing online payments using PDCflow. We emphasize the online option in our letters drawing the customers attention to the online capability. Customers are so busy today they don’t have time to stop and call in. They can pay online when it is right for their schedule and save on a stamp too! Highly recommend using this product. Their customer service is top notch too!”

-Lisa True, Managing Director, Secured Resolution LLC

**offer valid for businesses currently not processing with PDCflow