How to Compare eSignature Platform Pricing

Pricing considerations for digital communication and esignature platforms.

Pricing for digital communication and esignature platforms can change based on many factors like the features you need or how many users you have.

The variation in each company’s plans can make comparison shopping difficult and time consuming.

In this FAQ, we will address the key factors that influence digital signature software costs, so you can better understand what to look for and find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

What is the typical esignature pricing structure?

Every company’s esignature plans and pricing are different. Many factors contribute to calculating esignature pricing. Here are some of the most common expenses related to esignature platforms:

  • Most esignature software companies charge a monthly fee to cover their internal costs of keeping services running smoothly, with additional costs for the messages you send.
  • Some companies offer multiple price tiers, charging for each login and capping how many messages you can send based on the plan you choose.
  • If you need to add more users or exceed your number of allotted messages, you must upgrade your plan, often locking your company into a long contract.
  • If your company plans to take payments along with electronic signatures, you must account for merchant and processing fees also.

Like other electronic signature platforms, PDCflow charges a monthly fee as well as a cost for the messages your company sends.

However, PDCflow’s monthly fee will not go up based on the number of user logins you require, making it easier to budget for your esignature platform long-term as your team grows.

For those who want to take payments too, PDCflow also offers several payment processor options, so you can compare vendors and choose the right one for your business.

Should I expect a long-term contract for esignature software?

Many large companies use long term contracts to keep customers locked into plans they don’t want or aren’t working for them.

With tiered esignature pricing models, it’s likely that any time your company requires customer support, you will expect to be asked to renew or upgrade your contract.

PDCflow does not lock companies into long term contracts to use our services.

Do I have to pay for every team member to login?

Many esignature platforms charge a fee for each user login. For companies that have several staff members that need access to send messages and view reports, monthly fees can become expensive.

PDCflow charges a flat monthly fee. We never limit the number of employee logins you can have or charge extra per user. This lets your company scale and grow, without adding extra costs.

Slide-1-5 PDCflow eSignature Pricing Advantages
PDCflow eSignature Pricing - No per user pricing
PDCflow eSignature Pricing - No limits or caps

What happens if I go over my allotted number of esignature requests in a month?

For many companies with esignature pricing tiers, any time you exceed your contract limits, you can expect to pay a fee, or be forced onto a higher long-term plan.

If your company wants to send esignature requests and other business messages, but don’t always know how many you’ll send per month, buying a package with quantity caps is not for you.

PDCflow does not cap how many messages you can send. Simply send what you need, and pay per message in addition to the monthly fee.

Can I access all features without upgrading my plan?

Take care to research before you sign up for electronic signature software. Make sure the features you need are included in your package.

Many companies lock functionality behind pricing tiers, so you must decide whether you want to pay a higher price or go without tools you need.

Check that your software plan doesn’t restrict your access to add important features you need, like:

  • Unlimited template creation
  • Personalized bulk messaging
  • APIs
  • Custom branding
  • Payment capabilities

PDCflow doesn’t charge based on pricing tiers. Pay only the flat monthly fee (no matter how many users) and pay per message sent. Access all of the functionality you need without upgrading your plan.

How much does it cost to take payments and esignatures together?

It’s possible to take payments and get esignatures together through several different esignature platforms. However, most electronic signature apps only offer a single option for merchant payment processing services.

This means, if your company wants the convenience of audit trails and reporting for both electronic signatures and payments all in a single platform, your company won’t have a choice or control over your payment processor or their rates.

We recommend a cost savings analysis on a regular basis, especially if it has been more than a few years since you last compared rates.

PDCflow has relationships with several different payment processors, so your business can choose the best option for your business.

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PDCflow’s esignature pricing

PDCflow charges one low monthly fee for all customers, so there’s never any worry about being forced to upgrade to a higher pricing tier.

We do not restrict how many messages you may send. Instead, you’re simply charged per message.

  • No more rationing messages to stay under a cap.
  • No more worrying about having to upgrade just for a temporary increase in volume.
  • No need to interrupt daily operations or find workarounds, just because you’re coming close to your allotted number of messages.

PDCflow doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract. You never have to worry about being pressured into renewing or paying higher costs just to send the messages you need to send.

Bulk discounts are available for those who expect to send large amounts of messages. No higher monthly fee, and no features locked behind a tiered pricing structure.

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