Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection Software

accounts receivables management solution

For over 30 years, DAKCS Software Systems has remained an industry leader in simplifying the process of accounts receivable management and collection software by creating integrated, innovative cloud and on-premise software solutions and by leveraging our powerful Beyond ARM and QwikSolve | Enterprise Suite software applications.

Beyond Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Software is DAKCS’ flexible integrated cloud or on-premise based collection software solution that empowers you with the necessary tools to perform various business functions and efficiently manage your collection and ARM business. By leveraging our individual suite components included in Beyond ARM, you have access to a secure cloud network for AR/consumer and client communication, the ability to perform credit and risk scoring, and the advantages of integrated IVR/Predictive Dialing, e-payment and e-signature methods.

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accounts receivables management solution

Need a collection solution for your small business? Simplicity Collections Software is management software specifically designed to help small business and big business alike. Manage and track business collection cases on your own computer. The reason our system is so easy to use is our software. The system allows you to take ultimate control over how the collection agency software works for your business to increase your profits. Unlike other collection systems, Simplicity’s affordable and sophisticated system specializes in ensuring your collection cases never fall through the cracks. Simplicity provides you the ability to manage an unlimited number of employees, an unlimited number of clients, and an unlimited number of cases, all for one low price. These software solutions and management services guarantee your profit recovery based on your accounts and needs. No need for books anymore! Check and collect your past and present accounts now.

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Since 1985, Roydan has provided innovative debt collection software technologies that help improve the productivity of collectors and the profitability of collection agencies. We take a common sense approach, driven by a consumer-centric philosophy that makes it easier for our customers to access and manage consumer information for faster and more effective debt collections.

debt collection software

Powerful enough for the busiest agencies, Collect!’s flexible, customizable and modular functions will improve your workflow and operator efficiency. Collect! offers cloud and premise versions, web access, workflow automation, an integrated dialer, payment processor, data import, data export and much more.  Contact Bernie Hydock at or 1-800-661-6722 ext. 1 to discuss how Collect! can help you automate your collection processes.

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