Customer: Bayview Solutions LLC
Industry: Debt Collection Agency

Bayview Solutions LLC is an accounts receivable management company based in St. Petersburg, Florida established in 2008.

The agency works directly with lenders such as banks, short-term lenders, and others to expedite resolutions on past due accounts.

Aron Tomko is CEO for Bayview Solutions and started an online mentoring course for those who want to get started in the debt collection industry.a

Robert Thompson is Bayview Solution's Compliance Officer.

“For enhanced compliance, integrated eSignature is the way to go."

Bayview Solutions was looking for a tool that would significantly speed up the signature authorization process when getting payment consent. They also wanted a solution that would help keep them in compliance with all payment regulations while reducing their chargeback risk.

Prior to moving to PDCflow's FLOW Technology, Bayview used a letter of authorization that was sent to the consumer for signature usually through fax, email or snail mail. The consumer had to physically sign the payment agreement and return the signed document to Bayview's office.

Bayview was looking for a solution that would:

  • Speed up the signature process.

  • Keep the business in compliance with the many regulations third party collectors are subject to, such as the EFTA's Regulation E.

Bayview also wanted chargeback protection built into their solution.


    Bayview implemented PDCflow's FLOW Technology which gave the agency the ability to obtain a secure signature on any payment (one-time and recurring) from days to minutes while keeping them compliant with Regulation E.

    The downloadable audit report proving identity and consent reduced their overall chargeback rate.

    "Best Decision Ever!

    It allows us to gain real-time signature authorizations from our customers. When we receive a disputed debit/credit payment we now have the signed authorization to prove the payment was authorized by the customer.”

    Aron Tomko, CEO
    Case Study Assistentcy Extended Business Office
    “The best in the business. We needed to mitigate our chargebacks. Signature capture added another layer of security.”
    – Robert Thompson, Compliance Officer, Bayview Solutions LLC

    Bayview Solution has a successful signature request return rate of 74% since implementation of FLOW Technology in 2016. Bayview allows 5 days for a consumer to authenticate and complete a signature request on a payment, but estimates most are completed within the same day. Effectively reducing the time from a promised payment to a completed payment from days to hours and minutes.

    Bayview Solutions LLC:

    • has experienced a successful signature request return rate of 74%.

    74% FLOW completion rate

    • gives consumers 5 days to complete the signature FLOW request, but estimates most are completed successfully the same day. This reduces the wait time to process and complete a payment.

    • witnessed a decrease in the number of reported chargebacks.
    FLOW Technology Benefits
    • Reduce the time frame to obtain a signed payment agreement.  Before implementing FLOW, payment collection took Bayview days or weeks. Now, it takes hours or minutes.

    • Any recurring payment schedule created with a debit card is within compliance guidelines. PDCflow's patented solution complies with Regulation E and the EFTA by providing a legal, wet signature rather than an adopted signature.

    • Audit report provides an additional layer of chargeback protection. A detailed audit report provides the method of the authorization request's delivery (phone and/or email). It also provides the dual authentication information, the consumer's signature and geolocation. The report makes it difficult for consumers to claim they did not authorize a payment.
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