Customer: Corporate Direct Inc. and Sutton Law Center
Industry: Law Office

Sutton Law Center and Corporate Direct Inc. are owned by attorney Garret Sutton. Sutton assists entrepreneurs and real estate investors from around the world to protect their assets and maximize their financial goals through sound management and asset protection strategies.

Together the organizations help entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business and established owners who need expert advice from a corporation attorney to understand which type of entity will work best for them.

Currently, Sutton Law Center and Corporate Direct Inc. consist of six paralegals and five administrative assistants who work with business owners to form LLCs and corporations.

Melissa Matheson works as the Information Systems Manager and handles all software vetting, integration, and implementation for the team. One of the projects in this role was to implement a new CRM integrated with PDCflow APIs for payments and document deliveries.

Why did you choose PDCflow for payments and documents?

“The customer service has been awesome. I would say that's definitely number one. And then on the payment side of things – the payment portals, the security, and the ease of use on the technical side."
Melissa Matheson
Information Systems Manager
Melissa Matheson, Information Systems Manager, Corporate Direct Inc Sutton Law CenterCorporate Direct Logo

Before implementing PDCflow software, Sutton Law Center and Corporate Direct Inc. were using Docusign, which was implemented prior to Matheson taking on the role of Information Systems Manager. Docusign functionality worked for their needs, but the pricing structure did not. This sent Matheson on the hunt for an alternative solution.
“So we went searching for something else, and we actually found PDCflow as an alternative to send documents and we have ended up using the payment side much more.”

Matheson's main challenges were:

  • The need for a cost effective and secure solution to send a high volume of documents. Their representatives send a high volume of annual minutes to clients each month. Due to this volume, there is a high risk of sending them to the incorrect person, especially when using email.

  • The need to offer a secure self-serve payment portal that could be quickly and easily integrated into the new CRM.

  • The need to receive a document from their customers and collect the payment in the same workflow.
“A big problem that we have is collecting the checklist that the clients have to fill out. It's a registration form basically, but has a ton of information on it. We needed to collect the form and payment at the same time.”
  • The need for paralegals and administrative representatives to have access to the payment system and track their own payments.

“That was the big advantage to the payment side of PDCflow, because what we were using before did not have an interface where all of the reps could sign in and see who had paid. So all of the payment notifications were going to our bookkeeper by email.

She was having to find find out whose client it was and forward off these payment notifications so that the reps would know that they needed to move forward on their work.”


Although Matheson came to PDCflow originally for the secure document delivery functionality at a more affordable price for the Sutton Law Center and Corporate Direct Inc. business, she recognized that PDCflow software was able to meet multiple pain points.

  • PDCflow software is able to send documents securely to clients. Flow Technology requires dual authentication of the recipient, which reduces any risk of documents being sent to the wrong client.
“We do annual minutes for clients. And this is where we are using PDCflow as a secure way of sending those documents. We do so many of them that there's huge room for error if we were to email them. So I like using the last four digits of their phone number as a way of ensuring that we're sending it to the right person.”
  • PDCflow’s open APIs made the embedding of payment portals easy and fast on their website. Bringing transactions back into their newly implemented CRM solution was also a fast and easy process.
“We are also implementing a new CRM and we just used the API docs. I think we had one meeting with your API team and it was really easy to integrate. Once we had the meeting, it was set up pretty much right after.”
  • PDCflow’s software – with event notifications set up for specific users – made payment tracking and document delivery accessible for individual users on their team. This cut out a lot of back end work for their bookkeeper and time and effort by the representatives to verify payments were completed and documents were delivered.
“So a really nice thing was: the addition of the person who's sending out the Flow could get a notification when it was finished. The other tool that we use quite regularly is the scheduling (the recurring payment schedule). And so our reps can get notifications on those payments as well.”
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“It has been way easier on the team to be able to go in and just look and be able to see who has paid. That was a big obstacle before because, that was on one person to get all these notifications forwarded. Sometimes the reps would have to have the clients send them a copy of their receipts to know they had paid because they had no way to verify it for themselves. So on that side of things, it's been huge.”

With PDCflow, Corporate Direct Inc and Sutton Law Center were able to:

  • Save time on verifying that documents were completed and payment had been made. Their representatives can easily log in and pull a report on their transactions.

  • Connect the document checklist workflow with their payment portal making the process of getting documents and a payment at the same time easy and seamless for their customers.

  • Establish a more cost effective and secure method of sending the annual minutes documentation to their clients.
“I made the registration form on the website and then the client is taken immediately to the payment portal. It's all connected together now. It goes out of our CRM over to the web form where they fill out all of their information. The web form tracks to the PDCflow portal, and then they pay.”
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