[Checklist] California Consumer Privacy Act Readiness

The CCPA is a new and complex law that became operative on January 1, 2020, leading the way for other privacy regulation across the U.S.

PDCflow partnered with the California Association of Collectors to promote their webinar Somebody's Watching Me: What You Need to Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Webinar panelists included Lauren Valenzuela, Corporate Counsel at Performant, and June Coleman of Messler Strickler, LTD. With their guidance, our team covered the information provided in these articles:

CCPA Overview
Consumer Rights Under the CCPA
Preparing for CCPA Compliance

To ensure you have covered everything needed to be in compliance with the new data privacy law, download the California Consumer Privacy Act Readiness Checklist. It includes:

  • Data Mapping
  • Online Privacy
  • Consumer Rights
  • Personal Information Categories

Download the CCPA Readiness Checklist:

California Consumer Privacy Act Readiness Checklist