[Guide] Overcoming Objections in Debt Collection

Dealing with stalls and objections to debt collection payments is a daily part of a collector's job. Equipping your collection team to handle these in a positive way is an essential aspect of collection training.

Download this guide to learn:

  • three steps collectors can take to overcome payment objections
  • tips on how collectors can handle conversations with different generations
  • the different personality types of consumers and how to train your collectors to recognize them
  • how to arm collectors with the tools to deal with any consumer, no matter what emotions they are having while on a call

This topic was covered in depth in a webinar by past California Association of Collectors president, Kelly Parsons-O'Brien. To read a webinar follow up article on stalls and objections in debt collection, please see: Successful Debt Collection Techniques to Overcome Objections.

Overcome objections and reduce disputes while providing a positive consumer experience with PDCflow's software. With FLOW Technology, your agents can send a billing statement to review line-by-line with the consumer while the agent has them on the phone.

Learn more about using email and text to securely deliver billing statements and take payments. Request a demo.

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Overcoming Objections in Debt Collection Guide