[How To] Call Center Training and Evaluation

Call center training is complex. Especially for those in accounts receivable. Not only must you set expectations for the job and explain daily processes – you must also teach agents how to remain compliant with rules and regulations.

Your collection agents are only as good as the training they receive. Better training improves staff performance, decreases mistakes and complaints and raises revenue collected.

How can you improve your program so employees retain knowledge from training and transfer it to the call floor?

In the Call Center Training and Evaluation How To, you will take away:

  • The benefits of using a training technique called microlearning.
  • How to know if microlearning is right for your organization.
  • What to take into consideration when creating your training program.
  • How to use the 90/20/10 rule to your advantage in your training program.

Download our Call Center Training and Evaluation How To to learn more.

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Download the How To:
[How To] Call Center Training and Evaluation