Businesses today need better digital workflows for their staff and their customers – especially when it comes to getting a signature on a contract, sales order, or payment agreement. If your customers also need to put down a deposit or make a payment once they have agreed on contract terms:

  • Your staff may be working in two software tools to get both the esignature and the payment.
  • You create confusion for customers trying to complete an esignature and payment in a timely manner.
  • You are wasting time on follow-up to get both items completed from your customer. You could be delaying services or product fulfillment (and ultimately cash flow).

There is a better way.

This solution brief details how Flow Technology can improve your organization’s ability to complete the digital workflows your business needs by providing you the tools to:

  • Create 1-step workflows that reduce the chance of staff errors.
  • Reduce staff workloads and the need for additional follow-up.
  • Provide an easy user experience for your customers, which builds loyalty and trust.

Download your copy today to learn more about Flow Technology and how it can meet your digital signature and payment needs.

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FLOW Technology for Digital Signatures Solution Brief


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