In this video, collections and communications expert Mary Shores explains how to achieve higher collections through stronger connections with consumers.

In this fifteen minute video, Shores shares how research in neuroscience and psychology shifted the way she trains collection agents to work and communicate with consumers in order to:

  • keep a call moving forward toward resolution.
  • help consumers resolve their debt.
  • provide a positive experience for consumers.
"The easiest way to create massive success is for the consumer to see you as an ally who is going to help them survive and thrive.
We can achieve that by creating connection."

About the Presenter
Mary Shores, Speaker and Author

Mary Shores

Shores Communication

Mary Shores is a second-generation collection agency owner, a bestselling author, and an international speaker. Her current passion in life is promoting collector training and development through The Collection Advantage online training program, which features Mary’s extensive studies into neuroscience and compassion to teach collectors how to execute high-converting, empathetic scripting.

Communication in Accounts Receivable

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