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How Digital Consumer Engagement Increases Right Party Contact and Self-Managed Payments

An interview with Justin Franklin of Cedar Financial

"Digital strategy increases engagement. I think the latest statistic that I heard is 76% or more of people don't want to answer their phone and will not answer the phone. And the numbers are even higher for the 18 to 40 year old demographic.

So digital is helping us reach those people."

Cedar Financial
Justin Franklin, Vice President Global Strategy and Execution

Cedar Financial is a growing debt collection agency headquartered in California that services a variety of creditors both domestically and internationally.

In this video, PDCflow’s Dawn Updike interviews Justin Franklin, Vice President of Global Strategy and Execution at Cedar Financial to discuss:

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    Franklin’s journey in the ARM industry, from new collector to leading the digital engagement strategies and digital collection efforts at Cedar Financial.
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    Franklin’s digital team structure, the importance of interdepartmental collaboration, and how leadership buy-in drives success.
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    How his team uses social media to drive engagement and self-managed payments.
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    The impact of digital engagement strategies on Cedar’s collection efforts and revenue.
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    How Franklin uses past experiences to introduce change and encourage collaboration for digital efforts.
Justin Franklin, Cedar Financial

Justin is VP of Global Strategy & Execution for Cedar Financial. He has over 17 years of experience in the collections industry, where he has managed a department of 60+ agents, created agent training modules and developed portfolio data analytics. Justin is now responsible for growing Cedar’s digital engagement and recovery strategy.

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