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Regulations, Precedent, and Risk

Navigating Email and Text in the ARM Industry

"There's always a solution to a problem. First, you have to define what that problem is. And we're doing that today with text and email. And with every different form of communication that the ARM industry is going to use.

What are those problems associated with those types of communications? And then figuring out the solutions that surround them."

Mike Frost
Partner, Frost Echols LLC

In this video, PDCflow Marketing Manager Dawn Updike interviews Mike Frost, partner at Frost Echols LLC.

Frost discusses:

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    Pass through vs direct consent compliance for email and text in debt collection.
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    How new technology changes the way we view validation forms sent via email.
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    TCPA violations and how they impact texting with consumers.
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    Balancing the actions it takes to run your business with managing associated risks.
Mike Frost of Frost Echols LLC

Mike Frost is a partner at Frost Echols LLC. He leads the firm’s regulatory, compliance, and general counsel services from the Cedar Falls, Iowa office.

He provides counsel, consultation, complex transactional and litigation defense services to collection agencies, law firms, credit reporting agencies, data providers, creditors, venture capitalists, private equity, and various other businesses focused on the credit and collections industry.

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