In this video, collections and communications expert Mary Shores reveals her top three tips for debt collection agencies to achieve high consumer satisfaction and collect more payments.

In this short fourteen minute video, Shores shares what triggered her to decide to make happiness the new north star for every consumer her agency, Midstate Collection Solutions, contacted.

Shores provides concrete, easy-to-implement actions she has tested within her agency, leading to a 34% increase in revenue in less than a year. These tips will:

  • give you a list of negative words to eliminate from collector talk offs.
  • understand the millennial mindset of making decisions based on feelings and how to use that knowledge to increase your past due collections.
  • outline the critical thinking methodology – called the OODA Loop – your agents can use to reduce disputes and conflict with consumers.
"The reason eliminating these words worked was because we stopped planting seeds of doubt in the consumer's mind.
Instead, we used words that planted seeds of hope and trust."

About the Presenter
Mary Shores, Speaker and Author

Mary Shores

Shores Communication

Mary Shores is a second-generation collection agency owner, a bestselling author, and an international speaker. Her current passion in life is promoting collector training and development through The Collection Advantage online training program, which features Mary’s extensive studies into neuroscience and compassion to teach collectors how to execute high-converting, empathetic scripting.

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